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WU Tax Law Technology Center

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Scope and Aim

Tax Law Technology is one of the most relevant and challenging topics in the global tax and trade (customs duties) environment in the 2020s. The increasing transformation of financial processes as well as the role of tax authorities, multinational enterprises and tax advisors in the global economy have boosted the relevance of tax law technology towards a new level of execution. Currently it is these players, supported by the OECD ideas, who interact on this transformation journey. There is, however, an emerging need for the contribution of academia to the topic, in order to facilitate the link between achievable pragmatic solutions, theoretical principles and the right level of execution of tax-related technologies. It is with this goal in mind that the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law decided to establish the WU Tax Law Technology Center.

Activities of the Center

Research and AnalysIs                                             

Debate (Conferences and Symposium)                               

Teaching (Courses and Certificate)             

Who we are

Brochure of the WU Tax Law Technology Center

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