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Research Focus

The Department of Marketing significantly contributes to the generation and dissemination of new marketing knowledge. We strive for generating novel insights that combine academic rigor with practical relevance to make a significant impact on the international academic community, the current business practice, the professional development of our students, and society-​at-large.

Our research is published in the leading international journals of our field (e.g., Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Marketing Science) and related disciplines (e.g., Management Science, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology). Our work is also frequently featured in various influential local (e.g., Handelsblatt, Regal, der Standard, die Presse) and international media outlets that focus on the dissemination of high-​profile research into business practice (e.g., Harvard Business Review, Business Horizons, MIT Sloan Management Review).

An overview of all publications and research areas of the department's scientists is provided by PURE.

Selected Highlight Publications

Maier, L., Schreier, M., Baccarella, C. V., and Voigt, K.-I. (2024): University Knowledge Inside: How and When University-Industry Collaborations Make New Products More Attractive to Consumers. Journal of Marketing, 88 (2), 1-20. (link)

Ahmadi I., Abou Nabout N., Skiera B., Maleki E., Fladenhofer J. (2024): Overwhelming Targeting Options: Selecting Audience Segments for Online Advertising. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 41 (1), 24-40. (link)

Umashankar Nita, Kim Kihyun Hannah and Reutterer Thomas (2023): Understanding Customer Participation Dynamics: The Case of the Subcription Box. Journal of Marketing, 87 (5), 719-735. (link)

Fuchs Matthias and Schreier Martin (2023): Paying twice for aesthetic customization? The negative effect of uniqueness on a product's resale value. Journal of Marketing Research, 60 (3), 602-624, 2023 (link)

Reisenbichler Martin, Reutterer Thomas, Schweidel David A., and Dan Daniel (2022). Frontiers: Supporting Content Marketing with Natural Language Generation. Marketing Science, 41 (3), 441-452. (link)

Valendin Jan, Reutterer Thomas, Platzer Michael, and Kalcher Klaudius (2022). Customer Base Analysis with Recurrent Neural Networks. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 39 (4), 988-1018. (link)

Kassemeier, Roland, Haumann, Till, Güntürkün, Pascal (2022). Whether, When, and Why Functional Company Characteristics Engender Customer Satisfaction and Customer-Company Identification: The Role of Self-Definitional Needs. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 39 (3), 699-723. (link)

Eichinger, Isabel, Schreier, Martin, and van Osselaer, Stijn M.J. (2022). Connecting to Place, People, and Past: How Products Make Us Feel Grounded. Journal of Marketing, 86 (4), 1-16. (link)

Ada Sila, Abou Nabout Nadia, and McDonnell Feit Elea (2022). Context Information Can Increase Revenue in Online Display Advertising Auctions: Evidence from a Policy Change. Journal of Marketing Research, 59 (5), 1040-1058. (link)

Schnurr Benedikt, Fuchs Christoph, Maira Elisa, Puntoni Stefano, Schreier Martin, van Osselaer Stijn M.J. (2022). Sales and Self: The Noneconomic Value of Selling the Fruits of One’s Labor. Journal of Marketing, 86 (3), 40-58. (link)

  • Hartmann Jochen, Heitmann Mark, Schamp Christina, and Netzer Oded (2021). The Power of Brand Selfies. Journal of Marketing Research, 58 (6), 1159-1177. (link)


  • Reutterer, Thomas, Platzer, Michael, Schröder, Nadine (2021). Leveraging purchase regularity for predicting customer behavior the easy way. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 38 (1), 194-215. (link)

  • Simpson, Bonnie, Schreier, Martin, Bitterl, Rosalia, White, Katherine (2021). Making the world a better place: How crowdfunding increases consumer demand for social-good products. Journal of Marketing Research, 58 (April), 363-376. (link)

  • C. P. Moreau, E. Prandelli, M. Schreier, and S. Hieke (2020). Customization in luxury brands: Can Valentino get personal? Journal of Marketing Research, 57(5), 937-947. (link)

  • Fuchs, Christoph, de Jong, Martijn G., Schreier, Martin (2020). Earmarking Donations to Charity: Cross-cultural Evidence on Its Appeal to Donors Across 25 Countries. Management Science. 66 (October): 4820-4842. (link)

Wlömert, Nils, Papies, Dominik (2019). International Heterogeneity in the Associations of New Business Models and Broadband Internet with Music Revenue and Piracy. International Journal of Research in Marketing. 36 (3), 400-419. (link)

  • Kokkoris, Michail, Erik Hoelzl, and Carlos Alós-Ferrer (2019). True to which self? Lay rationalism and decision satisfaction in self-control conflicts. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. (link)

  • Kamleitner, Bernadette, Thürridl, Carina, Martin, Brett A. S. (2019). A Cinderella Story: How Past Identity Salience Boosts Demand for Repurposed Products. Journal of Marketing. 83 (6), 76-92. (link)

  • Bitterl, Rosalia, and Martin Schreier (2018). When consumers become project backers: The psychological consequences of participation in crowdfunding. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 35 (4), 673-685. (link)


  • Kaiser, Ulrike, Martin Schreier, and Chris Janiszewski (2017). The self-expressive customization of a product can improve performance. Journal of Marketing Research, 54 (5), 816-831. (link)