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ART goes Marketing

The Department of Marketing uses this unique venue to host exhibitions of local artists. Every six months, a new guest artist or a group of artists is featured in a ceremonial vernissage at the Department. The interdisciplinary dialogue between art and marketing stimulates creative thinking and opens room for novel perspectives, qualities that are critical in both research and teaching.

Inspired by French Millefeuille pastry, the multilayered D2 building inspires the impression of permeability and closeness while providing privacy and dynamic perspectives. Beneath this vibrant surface, the clarity of the black and-white concept of the Japanese architecture atelier Hitoshi Abe exposes the interior space of the Department of Marketing as a perfect context for presenting contemporary paintings and sculptures.

WS 2019/SS 2020 Projekt Raising Hands

WS 2019 Mag.art. Eva Pisa, Mag.phil. Renate Polzer, Mag.art. Katja Praschak "Begegnung/Encounter"

SS 2019 Univ. Prof. Mag.art Felix Haspel "AQUARELLE, SKULPTUREN, TAPISSERIEN"

WS 2018 Robert Beranek, Ina Egger, Isabella Fritsche, Karin Jamelka, Bojana Sladkarov und Christian Spadt "Bildgeschichten"

SS 2018 Mag.art Julia Maurer und Mag.art Anna Schmedding "zu zweit"

WS 2017 Künstlergruppe druck werk "WERTPAPIER"

SS 2017 Mag.art Savio Verra "fields and more"

WS 2016/17 Josef Schweikhardt "Corpus.Color"

SS 2016 Christine Ebner "The Art of Marketing"

WS 2015/16 Ingrid Radinger "Art meets Economy"

Organisation: MMag. Lieselotte Aschenbrenner
Photo credits, if not declared otherwise: Christian Spadt / Lieselotte Aschenbrenner