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Stephan Fally

Stephan Fally, MSc (WU), MSc

Stephan Fally MSc (WU), MSc

Stephan is a doctoral candidate and teaching and research associate at the Department of Marketing, Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU).

His first Master of Science (WU) is in Economics, where he wrote his master’s thesis on the theoretical and experimental effects of endogenous competence on strategic voting within a jury context. His second master’s (University of Amsterdam) is in Neuroeconomics, where he investigated the behavioral and attentional effects of health risk framing within a mouse lab study.

Since November 2022, Stephan is a member of the Department of Marketing focusing on prosocial behavior and (incentivizing) blood donations. His research interests are thus prosocial behavior, attention, emotions and strategic behavior.

Research Interests