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Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing is a center of excellence in marketing education, marketing research, and marketing practice. In research, our goal is to create novel and practically relevant marketing insights at the highest level of quality. In teaching, we equip our students with practical marketing skills and tools that enable them to become constructive problem-​solvers. Within five distinct marketing specializations and an internationally esteemed Master of Science in Marketing program, the Department successfully prepares more than 500 students per year for national and international career paths. In teaching and research, the department actively seeks exchange and cooperation with business practice.

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The latest findings from our research

Schamp, C., Heitmann, M., Bijmolt, T. H. A., & Katzenstein, R. (2023): The Effectiveness of Cause-Related Marketing: A Meta-Analysis on Consumer Responses. Journal of Marketing Research60 (1), 189-215. (link)

Hartmann, J., Heitmann, M., Siebert, C. & Schamp, C., (2023): More than a Feeling: Accuracy and Application of Sentiment Analysis. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 40 (1), 75-87. (link)

Research Seminar Series

The "Research Seminar Series" helps our faculty get and stay in touch with outstanding international researchers in the field of marketing. Scholars from the world`s top universities are invited to present their research and to discuss current trends and developments in all major areas of marketing.

The Department of Marketing significantly contributes to the generation and dissemination of new marketing knowledge. This is reflected in numerous publications in the leading journals of our field. Our research generally follows the maxim of generating novel insights that combine academic rigor with practical relevance.
The Department of Marketing places a high emphasis on teaching excellence at all levels. We offer five distinct specializations at the Bachelor’s level, an own full-time Master of Marketing program, and contribute to the professional education at the WU Executive Academy in several ways.
Business Cooperation
Our expertise builds on our internationally recognized research activities to contemporary marketing topics and many years of experience in running successful projects with large national and international corporations, small and medium sized enterprises, and start-ups from diverse industries in the for- and nonprofit sector.