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Examination Week

Exam registration only in LPIS

Please register for exams and courses only directly via LPIS. If you use non-WU software such as "Studo" for this purpose, we cannot guarantee that you are actually registered for the exam or course! If something doesn't work, we can't support you and we can't register you.

Therefore, only register for courses and exams directly in LPIS!

Course examinations (Lehrveranstaltungsprüfungen, LVP exams)

Course examinations (Lehrveranstaltungsprüfungen, LVP exams) are held three times per semester during WU’s centrally organized large-scale exam weeks (see the academic calendar). You can only take a course examination if you have signed up for it in advance. You can sign up for course examinations even if you haven’t attended the corresponding course.

Students have to sign up for course examinations via the LPIS system during the applicable registration period. All students who sign up during the appropriate registration period are guaranteed a spot in the exam. Without exception, students who have not properly signed up will not be admitted to course examinations. Please note that WU’s no-show policy applies.

Please Note

Please don’t contact academic units or the Examinations Office and ask them to cancel your registration after the end of the registration period. Such requests cannot be accepted.

Subject examinations (Fachprüfungen, FP)

Subject examinations (Fachprüfungen, FP) are examinations held to assess knowledge and skills acquired in a particular subject.

Subject examinations in bachelor’s and master’s programs shall consist of a written and, if applicable, an oral examination. Passing the written examination shall be required for admission to the oral examination. The oral examination shall be scheduled no later than within four weeks of the written examination, even if this means holding the oral examination during a break period.

Further informations can be found here.

Exam Schedules

  • The examination schedules contain both a general overview of all examinations taking place in the examination week and separate examination schedules for the BA WISO 19/BA WIRE 16 curricula and the new BA WISO 23/BA WIRE 23 curricula.

  • The different plans can be accessed by using the buttons at the top of the PDF or by scrolling.

  • If you have started your studies in winter semester 2023 or have changed to the new curriculum, only the BA WISO 23/BA WIRE 23 curriculum is relevant for you. If you started your studies before winter semester 2023/24 and did not switch to the new curriculum, you have to follow the examination schedule BA WISO 19/BA WIRE 16.

    Exam weeks summer semester 2024

Exam schedule, 1st exam week, 2024 summer semesterExam coordinators
Exam schedule, 2nd exam week, 2024 summer semesterExam coordinators
Exam schedule, 3rd exam week, 2024 summer semesterExam coordinators
Exam weeks winter semester 2023/24 
Exam schedule, 1st exam week, 2023/24 winter semesterExam coordinators
Exam schedule, 2nd exam week, 2023/24 winter semesterExam coordinators
Exam schedule, 3rd exam week, 2023/24 winter semesterExam coordinators

Exam Dates and Locations

Exam locations are assigned after the end of the registration period. The exact exam dates and locations are announced on the dates indicated in the semester schedule.

They can be viewed on LPIS once they’ve been announced.

Campus map with WU’s exam locations

Please Note

Be sure to write down the exact time and location of your exam. If you go to the wrong location, you won’t be able to take your exam.

Examination Attempts, Repeat Examinations, and Examinations by a Panel

Grading Period, Viewing Exam Papers, Your Legal Rights with Regard to Examinations


If a student is found to be cheating or to have cheated during an exam (e.g. using a crib sheet or other unauthorized aids), a procedure for invalidating the exam in question will be initiated. Exams declared void because of cheating will count as a lost examination attempt. Invalidation procedures are initiated by Study Regulations & Credit Transfer and implemented in cooperation with the Study Support office. Completion of an examination for another person invariably leads to a report to the responsible district administrative authority or the public prosecutor's office. Writing an exam for another person is punishable by a fine of up to 25,000 euros. The statute of limitations only expires after 30 years. You can find more information here.

Please note the Directive and the Guideline on the Administration of Examinations and the consequences of misconduct (in German) issued by the Vice-Rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs.

Grade Statistics

Click the following link to view the current grade statistics for all bachelor’s program exams held as part of large-scale examination weeks.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Examinations Office team by email.

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