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Volunteering, Support, and Honors Programs


The support program BeAble is intended for students with physical or psychological impairments, a chronic illness or reading and writing difficulties. Tutors are available to help participants master any issues and challenges that may come up during student life.

Learning Ergonomics

Study more effectively by applying scientific findings from a variety of disciplines such as sports, medicine or psychology. The Learning Ergonomics Program offers lots of useful study tips. 

Student Counselling

The Student Counselling Program helps you strengthen the skills you need to successfully complete your degree program and learn to deal with stress factors and other challenges presented by student life.


Make a difference, become a volunteer! The Volunteering@WU program gives you the opportunity to become a study buddy, music buddy of sports for socially disadvantaged children and teens.

WU Top League

With individual support for new students and highly relevant events on topics related to both academics and practice, this program is aimed at students with top academic qualifications and ambitious goals: in short, the best.

JUS+ Lab

The JUS+[LAB] is an honors program for business law students. It connects the most outstanding students of each year with each other and with possible future employers.

KADA - Support for Student Athletes

In cooperation with the KADA association, WU provides special support to selected elite student athletes to help them reconcile the demands of competitive sports and successful academic studies. WU’s goal is to give student athletes the support they need to make good progress in their business and economics education, laying the groundwork for later job market success after the end of their athletic careers.