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Changemaker Program

More about the Changemaker Program:

The “Changemaker Program” aims to introduce entrepreneurship to children between the ages of 8 and 10. These young children, from different elementary schools in Vienna, get to build a product based on a vision they have while working together with other kids.

  • From the conception of the product to its eventual sale, enthusiastic university students support the creation process.

  • The Changemaker program enables kids to actively participate in society by allowing them to develop and sell new products based on their own ideas, creativity, and vision. Other than understanding the process of selling products, the children also get to experience the buyer-seller connection, which leads to sales knowledge from an early age.

  • Essentially, elementary school students get to experience being entrepreneurs for a certain time to develop a “founder’s mindset” and behavior.

This chance demonstrates that not only adults but also children can, too, achieve great things. Furthermore, there is awareness raised about the fact that the visions of young people are valued and acknowledged by society. Considering these aspects, the “Changemaker Program” is much more than just promoting entrepreneurship among young people; it teaches them that with enough determination and hard work, everything is possible.

Overall, this program adds value for both the kids and the students supporting the process. With the help of the "Changemakers,” kids of a younger age might possibly be inspired to become “Changemakers” themselves and continue to inspire interested people. Statistics reveal that since 2017, there have been about 420 people assisting in the program's creation, indicating that the “Changemaker Program” is attracting more and more interest. On the other side, the program has involved nearly 2 500 children from primary schools all throughout Vienna.

The program is offered in German only as we work closely together with primary schools.

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