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WTZ - Wissenstransferzentrum Ost

The Knowledge and Technology Transfer Centre East (WTZ Ost) considers itself as a platform and hub in order to bring together research results, new findings, technologies, inventions and know-how and making them accessible not only within the universities, but also to the economy, our society and politics.

The transfer of knowledge and technology in all of its dimensions combined with the variety of innovations from the fields of expertise of the cooperation partners of the WTZ Ost (arts, humanities, social sciences, cultural sciences, development of the arts, technology, life sciences, medicine and much more) are a great challenge and at the same time our greatest strength.

With targeted cooperation projects on technological, economic, creative and social key topics in the transfer process, we want to anchor ourselves regionally and network internationally.

Find all information, the current training program and event tips at: www.wtz-ost.at