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aws (Austria Wirtschaftsservice)

The Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (aws) is the federal development bank. By providing low-interest loans, guarantees, subsidies, and equity, it supports companies from the initial idea to international market success in the implementation of their innovative projects. The aws also advises and supports regarding the protection and exploitation of intellectual property. In addition, specific information, consulting, service, and support services are offered for aspiring, existing, and expanding businesses.



accent is the Tough Tech Incubator of the state of Lower Austria. The goal of accent is to create a base for highly innovative startups in Lower Austria and to support them to the best of their ability.

    Erste Bank

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    We believe in founders and startups – we believe in you - and we want to encourage you to realize your goals. We assist you with our services and our consulting expertise in the GründerCenter of Erste Bank.

    We assist you with our services and our consulting expertise in the GründerCenter of Erste Bank.

    • Tip 1: Write a business plan. Information on how to write one and what it should include can be found at www.i2b.at. Also, take advantage of our planning tools for your calculations: Useful Tools for Founders | Erste Bank (sparkasse.at)

    • Tip 2: Get an overview of the capital sources available to you in each phase of your startup. Use the Finance Navigator for equity and debt capital | Erste Bank (sparkasse.at)

    • Tip 3: Gather practical information - here's a smart guide for founders and startups: Founder and Startup Guide.pdf (erstegroup.com)

    • Tip 4: Present your business model, make yourselves known."

    Flughafen Wien

    Flughafen Wien

    As a 100% subsidiary of Flughafen Wien AG, the Vienna Airport Conference & Innovation Center is the new flagship of Vienna's event and conference landscape. Situated in Austria's most sustainable office building, it features spacious conference areas, diverse creative spaces for workshops, and an innovation ecosystem. As a business location, the Vienna AirportCity considers it its responsibility to foster innovative ideas and provide them with an optimal environment. With the establishment of the Californian innovation platform "Plug and Play" and its global accelerator program, the innovation hub is strengthened, located directly at the international transportation hub of Vienna Airport.

    MEGA Bildungsstiftung


    MEGA supports innovative educational initiatives in the areas of Equal Opportunities and Economic Competence as they grow. With the promotion of economic competence, MEGA aims to empower young people to make informed decisions, manage finances, stand on their own feet, and actively contribute to the economy. The MEGA Education Foundation was launched by the B&C Private Foundation and Berndorf Private Foundation, with a starting budget of 5.5 million euros for educational innovation in Austria.


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    With up³, Drei, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Austria, offers a straightforward, digital solution for unlimited 5G via eSIM. This enables Drei to provide startups and entrepreneurs with a risk-free and cost-effective use of state-of-the-art mobile technologies for their business.

    Wirtschaftsagentur Wien


    The Vienna Business Agency is the first point of contact for companies. It supports with monetary subsidies, real estate and urban development impulses, as well as free service and consulting offerings.