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Graduation Ceremony

WU offers regularly scheduled graduation ceremonies to help you celebrate the completion of your bachelor’s degree. Participation is voluntary.

Registration for Bachelor’s graduation ceremonies

Registrations for graduation ceremonies are binding and will not be accepted until you have picked up your graduation documents in the Study Service Center.

A fee of € 95 applies if you wish to participate in the bachelor’s graduation ceremony. You’ll have to pay the fee by ATM card when you sign up for the ceremony.

Please Note!

Registrations for graduation ceremonies are subject to availability and can only be made for the next scheduled ceremony. Unfortunately, we cannot accept advance registrations.

COVID-19: Please also note the following regulations

  • The number of guests depends on the measures in force around the Corona situation.

  • Please note that the number of guests (and seat tickets) is limited to 5 per graduate, and that due to the current situation, no additional guests can be accommodated. About 2-3 weeks before your ceremony you will receive an email with further information about guest registration (contact tracing).

  • Only fully vaccinated, tested or recovered persons (austrian 3G-rule) are allowed to enter the ceremony. Please have an appropriate proof (3G-proof) and ID ready when registering (Check-In). Details about the 3G-rule can be found at current security measures.

  • We ask you to wear a face mask, preferably a FFP2 mask, when entering the building even on the seats.

  • We would also like to remind you that COVID-19 regulations are subject to change at any time due to short-term amendments in the legal requirements, which may result in changes with regard to the ceremony a cancellation of the ceremony.


Here you can find the next scheduled graduation ceremony dates

Graduating in Absentia

Information about graduating in absentia