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Former MRSS



Vanessa Patrick-Ralhan, University of Houston (US)
March 16 |  13:00-15:00  |  AD.0.114

"Inclusive Design Transformation"


Kelly D. Martin, Colorado State University (US)
March 30 |  13:00-15:00  |  

"Customer Data Privacy as Firm Competitive Strategy"


Daria Dzyabura, New Economic School and Moscow School of Management Skolkovo (RU)
April 20 |  13:00-15:00  |  AD.0.114

"Color analytics for data-driven brand management"


Amitava Chattopadhyay, INSEAD (FR)
April 27 |  13:00-15:00  |   TC.3.21

"Beauty First: The Impact of Social Media Logos on Choice"


Fleura Bardhi, City University of London (UK)
June 15 |  13:00-15:00  |  AD.0.090

postponed to the upcoming winter semester



Michael Haenlein, ESCP Business School (FR)
October 6  |  13:00-15:30  |  AD.0.114

"The Merchants of Meta: Conceptualizing and Defining Retailing in the Metaverse"


Ayelet Israeli, Harvard University (US)
October 20  |  13:00-15:30  |  AD.0.114

“BEAT Unintended Bias in Personalized Policies”


Anne Klesse, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)
November 10  |  13:00-15:30  |  AD.0.114

“The Psychology of AI”


Lan Luo, University of Southern California (US)
November 17  |  13:00-15:30  |  AD.0.114

“Look the Part? The Role of Profile Pictures in Online Labor Marketplace”


Günter Hitsch, University of Chicago (US)
November 24  |  13:00-15:30  |  AD.0.114

“Heterogeneous Treatment Effects and Optimal Targeting Policy Evaluation"


Deborah Small, Yale University (US)
December 15  |  13:00-15:30  |  AD.0.114

“Talking About Charity"



Stephan Seiler , Imperial College London (GB)
March 17 | 13:00-15:30 |

[Translate to English:] Portrait Caroline Wiertz

Caroline Wiertz, University of London (UK)
March 24 | 13:00-15:30 |

[Translate to English:] Portrait Hannes Datta

Hannes Datta, Tilburg University (NL)
March 31 | 13:00-15:30 |


Renana Peres, Hebrew University (IL)
May 5 | 13:00-15:30 |


Yesim Orhun, University of Michigan (US)
May 12 | 13:00-15:30 |


Michaela Draganska, Drexel University (US)
May 19 | 13:00-15:30 |


Olivier Rubel, University of California Davis (US)
June 2 | 13:00-15:30 |


Colleen Harmeling, Florida State University (US)
June 09 | 13:00-15:30 |


Eva Ascarza, Harvard University (US)
June 23 | 13:00-15:30 |

postponed to a subsequent semester

[Translate to English:] Portrait Jura Liaukonyte

Jura Liaukonyte, Cornell University (US)
June 30 | 13:00-15:30 |


Portrait Hilke Plassmann

Hilke Plassmann, INSEAD; Fontainebleau (FR)
October 28th | 13:00-15:00 | 

Portrait Ioannis Evangelidis

Ioannis Evangelidis, ESADE Ramon Llull University (ES)
November 4th | 13:00-15:00 | 

Portrait Brad Shapiro

Brad Shapiro, University of Chicago (US)
November 18th  | 13:00-15:00 | 

Portrait Hannes Datta

Hannes Datta, Tilburg University (NL)
December 2nd | 13:00-15:00 |

postponed to a subsequent semester

Michaela Draganska, Drexel University (US)
December 16th | 13:00-15:00 |

postponed to a subsequent semester

Portrait Jura Liaukonyte

Jura Liaukonyte, Cornell University (US)
December 16th | 13:00-15:00 |

postponed to a subsequent semester

Portrait Caroline Wiertz

Carolina Wiertz, University of London (UK)
December 16th | 13:00-15:00 |

postponed to a subsequent semester

Portrait Peter Zubcsek

Peter Zubcsek, Tel Aviv University (IL)
January 20th | 13:00-15:00 |


Portrait Rebecca Hamilton

Rebecca Hamilton, Georgetown University, Washington (US)
March 5th | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Should I Pay With Money or Redeem Points for This Purchase?"


Carl Mela, Duke University The Fuqua School of Business, Durham (US)
October 10 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Display Advertising Pricing in Exchange Markets"

J.E. (Jaap) Wieringa, University of Groningen (NL)
7. November | 13:00-15:00 | TC 5.04
"Overcoming privacy issues by generating 'fake' customer data"

Leonard Lee, NSU National University Singapore (SGP)
November 21st | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Banking Happiness"

Peeter Verlegh, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, (NL)
November 28 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"How consumers use brands to show off on (visual) social media"

Aurelie Lemmens, Tilburg University (NL)
December 12 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Managing Churn to Maximize Profits"

Ayelet Fishbach, University of Chicago (US)
December 19 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Hidden Failures: Why We Don’t Share Negative Information and What We Might Miss"


Vladas Griskevicius

, University of Minnesota, (US)
March 21 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"The Power of Social Norms Combined With Financial Incentives"

David Schweidel, Emory University, Atlanta (US)
June 13 | 13:00-15:00 | TC.3.10
"Emotionality on Social Media"


Peter Verhoef

, University of Groningen (NL)
October 11 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Customer Journey Analytics: Deriving Insights on Customers Path to Purchase in increasing Digital Environments"

Jennifer Argo, University of Alberta (CA)
October 18 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"The Negative Impact of Perfection vs. Flaws in The Retail Environment"

Koert van Ittersum, University of Groningen (NL)
October 25 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"In-Store Shopping Dynamics"

Martijn de Jong,Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)
November 8 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
“Assessing Sensitive Consumer Behavior Using the Item Count Response Technique”

Bernd Schmitt, Columbia University (US)
January 10 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Consumer Experiences in the Future: Robot or Human, Human or Robot?"


Barbara Kahn, University of Pennsylvania (US)
April 19 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"The Shopping Revolution: How Successful Retailers Win Customers in an Era of Disruption"

Robert Meyer, University of Pennsylvania (US)
April 26 | 13:00-15:00 | TC.3.12
"When News gets Negative: The Evolution of Content in the Successive Re-telling of Events"

P.K. Kannan, University of Maryland (US)
May 17 | 13:00-15:00 | D2.0.392
"Selling the Premium in Freemium"

Aradhna Krishna, University of Michigan (US)
June 26 | 13:00-15:00 | TC.5.13
"Mental Simulation and other Mental Imagery"


Xueming Luo, Temple University, Philadelphia (US)
November 9 | 14:30-16:30 | TC.5.18
"Targeting and Retargeting Experimentation and Machine Learning: Mobile Big Data Analytics"

Marco Bertini, ESADE Barcelona (ES)
November 23 | 13:00-15:00 | D5.1.002
"Consumer Reactance to Conditional Discounts"

Andrew Stephen

, University of Oxford (GB)
December 7th, 2017 | 13:00-15:00 | TC.5.16
“Intended and Unintended Consequences of Consumer Use of Social Media”

Cait Lamberton

, University of Pittsburgh (US)
December 14th, 2017 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
“Stranger Danger: When and Why Consumer Dyads Behave Less Ethically than Individuals"

Peter Ebbes

, HEC Paris (FR)
February 1st, 2018 | 13:00-15:00 | TC.5.18

"Gremlins in the Data: Identifying the Information Content of Research Subjects"


Christopher K. Hsee, University of Chicago (US)
March 22 | 10:00-12:00 | AD.0.122
"Curiosity, and Its Implications for Psychology, Economics, and Markting"

Prasad Naik, UC Davis (US)
April 6 | 13:00-15:00 | LC.2.400
"Metrics Unreliability and Marketing Overspending"

Kristin Diehl, University of Southern California (US)
May 11 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Life in Pictures - How taking photos affects enjoyment for and memory of experiences"

Wayne Hoyer, University of Texas at Austin (US)
June 2 | 10:00-12:00 | D2.0.374
"When and Why Does Consumer Brand Sabotage Cause Damage among Other Consumers?"


Els Gijsbrechts, Tilburg University (NL)
November 10 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.095
„Navigating the last Mile in Grocery Shopping: The Click and Collect Format“

Bas Donkers, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)
November 17 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Model-Based Purchase Predictions for Large Assortments"

Barak Libai, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (ISR)
November 24 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"The Role of Popularity in New Product Growth: Evidence from Free Digital Product Markets"

Michael Trusov, University of Maryland (US)
January 12 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Catching their eyes: context-driven information acquisition on search engines"


Dina Mayzlin, University of Southern California (US)
March 3 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Channels of Impact: User reviews when quality is dynamic and managers respond"

Catherine Tucker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)
March 18 | 10:00-12:00 | AD.0.090
"Consumer Privacy"

Jeffrey Inman, University of Pittsburgh (US)
April 28 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Digital Distraction: Consumer Mobile Device Use and Decision Making"

Derek D. Rucker, Northwestern University (US)
June 10 | 13:00-15:00 | D2.0.392
"Psychological Power and Consumer Behavior: The Past, Present, and Future"



Gerald Häubl, University of Alberta (CAN)
November 12 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"Sampling Traps: How the Opportunity to Sample Experiential Products Reduces Hedonic Value"

Rajesh Chandy, London Business School (GB)
November 26 | 13:00-15:00 | D2.0.392
"The impact of marketing (vs. finance) skills on business growth, prosperity, and survival: evidence from a randomized controlled trial in South Africa"

Christine Moorman, Duke University (US)
December 3 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.122
"What Doesn’t Kill a Weak Firm Increases the Risk of its New Product Introduction Strategy"

Stijn Van Osselaer, Cornell University (US)
December 10 | 13:00-15:00 | AD.0.090
"The Power of Personal"


[Translate to English:] Konstantinos Katsikeas

Constantine S. Katsikeas, Leeds University (UK)
March 26 | 13:00-15:00
"Why is achieving strategic goals so difficult for export ventures?"

[Translate to English:] Matthias Sutter

Matthias Sutter, University of Innsbruck (AT)
April 10 | 10:00-12:00
"Experiments on credence goods - Lab and field evidence"

[Translate to English:] Rik Pieters

F.G.M. (Rik) Pieters, Tilburg University (NED)
April 23 | 13:00-15:00
"First impressions of advertising"

[Translate to English:] Ajay Kohli

Ajay K. Kohli, Georgia Institute of Technology(US)
May 7 | 13:00-15:00
"Does Brand Licensing Increase a Licensor’s Shareholder Value?"

[Translate to English:] Ravi Dhar

Ravi Dhar, Yale University (US)
May 21 | 13:00-15:00
"Of the Bold and the Beautiful: How Feeling Beautiful Leads to Bold Choices"

[Translate to English:] Gerard Tellis

Gerard J. Tellis, University of Southern California (US)
June 11 | 13:00-15:00
"Understanding Virality in of YouTube Video Ads"


Richard Bagozzi, University of Michigan (US)
October 23 | 13:00-15:00 | D2.0.392
"Theory of Mind and Empathic Underpinnings of Managerial Mind-Sets"

Stefan Stremersch,  Erasmus University Rotterdam (NED)
October 30 | 13:00-15:00 | D2.0.392
"Unraveling Scientific Impact: Citation Types in Marketing Journals"

Chezy Ofir, Hebrew University Jerusalem (ISR)
November 20 | 13:00-15:00
"Consumer Fairness"

Peter Fader, WHARTON University of Pennsylvania (US)
December 4 | 13:00-15:00
"V(CLV): Examining Variance in Models of Customer Lifetime Value"

Bart Bronnenberg, Tilburg University (NED)
December 11 | 13:00-15:00
"Zooming In on Choice: How do Consumers Search for Cameras Online?"


Mario Pandelaere, Ghent University (BEL)
January 27 | 09:30-10:30 | TC.5.16
"The Role of Autonomy in Hedonic and Utilitarian Purchases."

Anja Lambrecht, London Business School (UK)
January 27 | 10:30-11:30 | TC.5.16
"Should you Target Early Trend Propagators? Evidence From Twitter."

Ulrike Kaiser, WU Vienna
January 27 | 12:00-13:00 | TC.5.16
"Self-​customization enhances product efficacy."


Hans Baumgartner, Pennsylvania State University (US)
April 3 | 13:00-15:00
"Response biases in survey Research"

Kathleen Vohs, University of Minnesota (US)
April 10 | 13:00-15:00
"The Meaning of Money: Beyond Pragmatics"

Alexander Chernev, Northwestern University (US)
May 8 | 13:00-15:00
"Lifestyle Branding: The New Frontier of Competitive Differentiation"

Oded Netzer, Columbia University (US)
May 22 | 13:00-15:00
"Using Social Media Data to identify and Target Job Seekers"

Harald van Heerde, Massey University (NZ)
June 26 | 13:00-15:00
"How to Spend Marketing Budgets over the Business Cycle? The Case of International Tourism Marketing"


Skander Essgaier, KOC University (TR)
June 24 | 09:30-10:00 | AD.0.122
"The picing implication of non-​Price category Management."

Jan R. Landwehr, Goethe University (GER)
June 24 | 10:15 - 10:45 | AD.0.122
"Processing Fluency of Product Design: Cognitive and Affective Routes to Aesthetic Preferences."

Stefano Puntoni, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)
June 24 | 11:30-12:00 | AD.0.122
"The Bias in the Bias: Comparative Optimism as a Function of Event Social Undesirability."

Valentyna Melnik, Massey University (NZ)
June 24 | 12:15-12:45 | AD.0.122
"Affects Consumers' Responses to Emotional Advertising Appeals."


J. Scott Amstrong, WHARTON University of Pennsylvania (US)
September 19 | 13:00-15:00
"Evidence-based Advertising."

Russell W. Belk, York University (CAN)
September 27 | 11:00-13:00
"The End of Ownership?"

Klaus Wertenbroch, INSEAD (FR)
October 18 | 13:00-15:00
"Preferences for Fiscal Redistribution Determine whether Conspircuous Consumption Signals Deservingness"

G. Thomas M. Hult, Michigan State University (US)
October 24 | 13:00-15:00
"Global supply chain Management: present and future"

Jacob Goldenberg, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (ISL)
November 7 | 13:00-15:00
"Invisible No More"

Michel Tuam Pham, Columbia University (US)
December 12 | 13:00-15:00
"Affect as an Ordinal System of Utility"


Nailya Ordabayeva, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)
January 28 | 09:00-10:30 | AD 0.122
"Improving Consumers' Package Size Perceptions and Preferences."

Michael Haenlein, ESCP Europe Business School (F)
January 28 | 10:30-12:00 | AD 0.122
"Targeting Revenue Leaders for a New Product."

Koen H. Pauwels, Ozyegin University (TR)
January 28 | 12:00-13:30 | AD 0.122
"Do Online Behavior Tracking or Attitude Survey Metrics drive brand sales? An integrative model of Attitudes & Actions on the Consumer Boulevard."


Katherine White, University of British Columbia (CAN)
April 11 | 13:00-15:00
"Turning Slacktivists Into Activists: How the Public Versus Private Nature of an Initial Act of Symbolic Support Impacts Subsequent Prosocial Action"

Vicki G. Morwitz, New York University (US)
April 25 | 13:00-15:00
"Malleable conjoint partworths: How the breadth of Response scales alters price sensitivity"

Eric A. Greenleaf, New York University (US)
May 6 | 12:30-14:30
"The Impact of Individual-Level Consumer Surplus on Subsequent Willingness-to-Pay and Consumer Behavior: An example from Online Auctions"

Gita V. Johar, Columbia University (US)
May 23 | 13:00-15:00
"Egocentric Categorization: Self as a Reference Category in Product Judgement & Consumer Choice"

C. Page Moreau, University of Colorado (US)
June 13 | 13:00-15:00
"The Downstream Consequences of Divergent Thinking: How Playing With Legos Improves Creative Performances."

Ko de Ruyter, Maastricht University (NED)
June 27 | 13:00-15:00
"A Public Good Gone Bad: Governance, Fee-Riding and the Long-Term Sustainability of a Virtual P3 Community"


Ju-​Young Kim, Goethe University (GER)
June 25 | 09:00-10:30 | Small Conference room (D), UZA1
"Spill-​​Over Effects in the Attention Economy - Why Ebay Should Pray for Poor Quality Program"

Nicolas Glady, ESSEC Business School (F)
June 25 | 10:30-12:00
"Generalized Model Of Advertising: Incorporating Electronic Word-​Of-​Mouth Into Advertising Model."

Zachary Chad Estes, Bocconi University (I)
June 25 | 12:00-13:30
"Brand Suicide? Negative brand names are better than they Sound."


Pradeep K. Chintagunta, University of Chicago (US)
September 6 | 13:00-15:00
"Service Quality Variability and Termination Behavior"

Roland T. Rust, University of Maryland (US)
October 4 | 13:00-15:00
"Optimizing Service Productivity"

Bruce Hardie, London Business School (UK)
November 8 | 13:00-15:00
"A Joint Model of Usage and Churn in Contractual Settings"

Berend Wierenga, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NED)
November 15 | 13:00-15:00
"When do decision makers follow intuitivity justiefied advice? A study in the context of new product decisions"

Chris Janiszewski, University of Florida (US)
December 13 | 13:00-15:00
"The Desire for Consumption Knowledge"


Christoph Fuchs, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)
January 28 | 09:00-10:30 | SR 5.44 (B), UZA 1
"The Handmade Effect: What's ove Got to Do with It?"

Caleb Warren, Bocconi University (I)
January 28 | 10:30-12:00 | SR 5.44 (B), UZA 1
"Why Humorous Marketing Can Hurt Bands."

Katrin Talke, TU Berlin (GER)
January 28 | 12:00-13:30 | SR 5.44 (B), UZA 1
"Design Newness - A Matter of Perspective."


Marnik G. Dekimpe, Tilburg University (NED), Catholic University Leuven (BEL)
March 1 | 13:00-15:00
"Sleeping with the Enemy: Does Private-Label Production by National-Brand Manufacturers Create Retailer Goowill?"

Simona Botti, London Business School (UK)
April 12 | 13:00-15:00
"Turning the Page: The Impact of Choice Closure on Satisfaction"

Leigh McAlister, University of Texas at Austin (US)
May 10 | 13:00-15:00
Marketing's Influence: Evidence from Financial Archives.

Joseph Nunes, University of Southern California (US)
June 14 | 13:00-15:00
"The End of Designer as Dictator: How Fashion Critics Affect Aesthetic Innovation"

Darren Dahl, University of British Columbia (CAN)
June 21 | 13:00-15:00
Self-threat and Product Failure: How Internal Attributions of Blame Impact Consumer Complaining Behavior.