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Nicole Rychly-Resetar

Nicole Rychly-Resetar studied business at WU and specialized in marketing and retailing as well as in organization and materials administration. During her time at university, she acquired extensive practical experience in the field of market and marketing research at the Austrian Institute for SME Research. After completing her studies, Nicole was accepted into a trainee program for university graduates at the daily newspaper “Der Standard,” later progressing to key account manager for the business magazine “WirtschaftsBlatt,” a position she held for four years. After that, Nicole Rychly joined the Institute for Marketing & Retailing in December 2011, where she worked as a research and teaching associate for more than ten years. Since 2020 she works as the Executive Assistant to the Head of the Department of Marketing and continues to teach various courses.


Fallstudien aus Handel und Marketing

Methoden der Handels-​ und Marketingforschung mit SPSS

Grundlagen wissenschaftlichen Arbeitens


Influencer Marketing


Retail Marketing Management