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5 tips for the start of your online language course

Make your online language course a success

During the summer semester 2021, our courses will take place as live online courses. We have 5 tips for the first session - our general tips for the first session in a language course still apply as well:

Tip number 1:  Laptop/PC instead of mobile phone
Use a laptop or desktop PC for the sessions. You will need a bigger screen and a keyboard in order to participate actively in class. Of course, you can use your mobile phone as backup or for taking pictures of exercises, word lists etc. (if the teacher allows it)

Tip number 2:  Feedback
It's hard to give feedback in an online course. When the teacher is speaking too fast for you or you do not understand, let him or her know. Use the chat to do so. When asked a question you can nod or shake your head in order to give feedback. And most important: Keep your camera switched on during the sessions.

Tip number 3: Environment
Create a calm environment for your sessions. You will also need space to write (see tip 4). During the sessions stand up in breaks or stand up and walk during exercises that allow to do so, for instance reading tasks.

Tip number 4: Get a hard copy of the textbook
A hard copy of the textbook allows you to have the video session and the textbook available at the same time without constantly having to switch screen windows. It's also easier to make notes directly in the textbook.

Tip number 5: Participation
Be active in class - you will only learn to speak and communicate better in a foreign language if you train it during your course. Just consuming and watching the course will not improve your skills much.