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Language Learning in Corona summer - part 1: Watching Series

Tip number 1: Watching a series in a foreing language

Watching a series in a foreign language does not only imrpove your listening skills but also broadens your vocabulary and you will also develop a good sense for intonation. Series are very suitable for language learning because the length of en episode is usually less than an hour and as there are many episodes the development of the story is usually a bit slower than in movies. Subtitles and choosing the right series is key to success here:

Subtitles: If the series is too difficult to understand in the beginning, just add the subtitles, first in your mother tongue and later on in the foreign language you want to practice. If you want to practice two languages at a time you might even choose two foreign languages - one for the sound and one for the subtitles.

Choice of series: Any series can be ok if you like it but of course some are less suited than others, mainly for reasons of place, time and genre they are set in. For instance you won't be able to use a lot of the vocabulary of Games of Thrones in an academic course. That's why we recommend to choose a series that deals with topics close to your life. It also makes sense to avoid dubbed versions of series as the dubbings are often sloppily done. Watching a series in the original version will also help you to learn about the culture of your target language.