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New Year, new language?

How to put your language learning resolution into action.

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With the new year, the traditional New Year's resolutions also want to be put into practice. If "learn a new language" is on your list, you're not alone. Millions of people around the world set themselves the goal of learning a new language every year. But how can you make sure that this resolution doesn't just remain a good wish, but actually becomes a reality? With these 7 tips, you're sure to succeed with your new language:

1. set clear goals: The key to success in language learning lies in clear and achievable goals. Instead of simply aiming to "learn a new language", formulate concrete goals such as "In three months, I want to be able to order in a restaurant". This will give your plan structure and measurability.

2. choose the right language: The resolution to learn a new language can be more easily realized if you choose a language that sparks your interest or is close to you. This could be the sound of Spanish, the challenge of Chinese or even a friend from Poland - the right choice will motivate you to persevere. You can find more tips on this point in an earlier blog post.

3. integrate it into everyday life: Try to make language learning a fixed part of your daily routine. You can use "empty" minutes, such as waiting for the bus or your lunch break, to repeat vocabulary or do short exercises. You can follow people on social media who speak your new language and practise along the way. Integration into everyday life makes continuity easier.

4. use the right method: In the age of technology, there are a variety of resources for language learning. From language learning apps to online courses, there are numerous tools to make learning flexible and fun. And yet the social aspect of learning should not be neglected - perhaps a "normal" language course or a language tandem is a better solution for you. Experiment with different platforms and methods to find the one that suits your learning style.

5. create learning incentives: Reward yourself for milestones achieved. Whether it's a small gift, a break with a book/series in the new language or the enjoyment of a typical local food - positive reinforcement can keep motivation high.

6. learning with others: Exchanging ideas with like-minded people can not only be motivating, but also make learning easier. Language tandems, language cafés or face-to-face language courses are ideal for this. Of course, you can also exchange ideas with other learners online.

7 Stay with it: The road to language success is often peppered with challenges. It is important not to be discouraged by setbacks. Perseverance and the ability to pick yourself up again after failures are crucial for long-term success. With the first six points, you already have a good basis for this. And if things don't go so well, visualize your goals again or think about your trip to your destination country in the summer.

If you take these points into account, you will certainly be able to realize your resolution. In any case, I wish you every success in learning the new language.

And perhaps you would like to share your plans with us: Which language did you choose? And why?

(Norbert Conti, Dec 23, 2023)