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Foreign languages - your career booster

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In an increasingly globalized world, foreign language skills are not just a nice gimmick, but a decisive factor for professional success. So, why can speaking foreign languages make a significant contribution to your career? Here are the answers:

International business opportunities: In our globally networked economy, foreign language skills open the door to international business opportunities. Companies value employees that are able to communicate across linguistic and cultural boundaries to drive success in the international marketplace.

Better customer relationships: Customers still like to communicate in their native language. Thanks to your foreign language skills, you can address customers directly in their language. This not only strengthens trust, but in many cases also leads to a better customer relationship in the long term.

Qualification for international positions: Many companies are specifically looking for employees with foreign language skills, especially for positions abroad or with international responsibilities. Being able to speak several languages considerably expands your job perspectives.

Effective teamwork: Clear communication and understanding are often a challenge in a global team. Foreign language skills not only make it easier for you to work with international colleagues in terms of language, but also promote a better understanding of cultural differences and working methods throughout the team.

Business building and networking: Foreign language skills make it much easier to establish business contacts. Especially small talk at the beginning of business meeting is often held in  other languages than English. Thanks to your  foreign language skills, you can create a pleasant business atmosphere and lay the foundations for successful business relationships.

Let's be clear: mastering foreign languages is not only a personal gain, but also a strategic advantage for your future job perspectives. You will expand your global career opportunities and stand out as a versatile and valuable employee. Therefore, acquiring foreign language skills is not only an investment for your education, but also for your professional future.

(Norbert Conti; Nov 24, 2023)