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Language Learning in Corona summer - part 3: the party

The Party

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Summer is the season to be outside, meet friends and have a party once in a while. But even if you all share the same mother tongue at a party you can still train your foreign language skills. Just agree to speak a common language for an hour or for the next drink. I would advise not to correct each other.

And if you are left without the matching words you can still use your mother tongue. And if the party is international it's only fair to have a lingua franca, isn't it? Make sure to agree on a few simple things such as which language is spoken for how long. This method is especially suitable for games such as "Who am I":

  • Write the name of well-known person on a post it

  • Stick it to the forehead of your left neighbour

  • Now guess who you are by using Yes/No-questions

That is great fun and also works with lower language levels.