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Learning together - why language learning in a group is more effective and entertaining

group fo students

Learning a new language can be a lonely affair, especially if you opt for learning with an app or individual lessons. But there is an alternative, which in many cases is not only cheaper than individual lessons and more effective than the app, but can also be more entertaining: learning in a group. This offers a number of advantages:

1. comparison with others: Learning in a group allows you to compare yourself with the other participants and you motivate each other. By sharing your experiences and progress, you can see how you compare to others and support each other.

2. different perspectives: Each person in a group brings different perspectives and previous experiences to the table, contributing to a diversity in the course that doesn't exist in individual lessons. These different perspectives not only make the course more entertaining, you also learn how to deal with this diversity.

3. "Real" communication: In a group, you have the opportunity to communicate with other course participants in "real" language, not just with the teacher, at least in a good course. In such a course, the teacher provides you with the appropriate settings and linguistic tools and you then communicate with each other. At the same time, the teacher can actively listen to your mistakes and then correct them. This promotes the development of communicative skills and allows you to try things out in real-life situations.

4. playful learning: Different social forms can be used in a group to make learning more playful and varied. Role-playing games, group discussions and interactive exercises are fun and help to better internalize what has been learned. You master challenges together and can grow linguistically and personally in the process.

5. social interaction: Last but not least, a language course in a group is an excellent opportunity to get to know people with similar interests. The exchange with like-minded people not only makes learning more entertaining, but also more enriching.

Learning in a group therefore offers numerous advantages and can help to make language learning more effective, entertaining and social. So if you want to learn a new language and enjoy all these benefits, sign up quickly for a language course at the WU Business Language Center in the summer semester or visit one of our language cafés.