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5 tips for the start of your language course

Many people think that they can miss the first session of the course because it’s just  administrative stuff and the real show starts from the second session only . Well, that is not correct – the first session actually is the most important. And I will tell you why  - my 5 tips for the first session:

Tip number 1:  Be aware of your expectations 
Try to formulate your expectations before the course starts – this already gets the learning process started. It is also a good idea to let your teacher know about what you expect.

Tip number 2:  Bring an open mind
You might be a language specialist and have already attended many language courses or even be a language teacher yourself. Still, every course is  a bit different and every teacher is as well. Give them a fair chance.

Tip number 3: Set objectives
In the first session you will usually also speak about the course objectives and in many cases you will have a chance to  set some objectives as a group. I also recommend to set a couple of personal goals, for instance: I want to learn new 10 words in every session.

Tip number 4: Get to know the other participants in the group
Language learning is about communication and certainly a social process. You do not have to be best friends with everyone in the course but try to work togehter as a team.  You can motivate each other, but also compare yourself to others and see your progress.

Tip number 5: Check, whether it the level is right for you
If you get the impression the course is either too hard or too easy for you, speak to the teacher(s) at the end of the lesson. They are experts will be able to give you the right advice.

And one bonus tip: Turn your mobile phone silent and keep it in your pocket - WhatsApp, Instagram & Co can wait until after the course.