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Evaluation of safety enhancing Active and Assisted Living Technologies in the "Häuser zum Leben" (residential care) in Vienna


AAL@HzL is a cooperation project to test new technologies for assisted living and nursing units in residential homes in Vienna. These technologies comprise sensors for the rooms and emergency alarm systems

Sensors: Sensors will be installed in the assisted living apartments and nursing units to more quickly detect situations in which help and support are needed.

Emergency alarm systems: In case of an emergency, residents will be enabled to talk to staff directly from their apartments and nursing units. Residents, who go out and about on their own, will be provided with a device with which they can be located in case of an emergency and speak to staff members.

The WU Research Institute for the Economics of Aging is creating the designs for the field tests and evaluating the new technologies.

Duration: 1 March 2022 – 31 December 2023

Funding: Wien Energie & Kuratorium der Wiener Pensionisten-Wohnhäuser

Team WU-Research Institute for Economics of Aging:

Dr. Birgit Trukeschitz – Team lead „evaluation“
Assma Hajji
Friedrich Ebner, MA
Univ.Prof. Dr. Ulrike Schneider

„AAL@HzL “ project partners:

Kuratorium der Wiener Pensionisten-Wohnhäuser (Austria’s largest provider of residential care), easierLife GmbH, Wien Energie GmbH (Austria’s largest energy provider) and WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)