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Evaluation of the effects of new assistive technologies

Commonly, it is expected that new technologies simplify life and contribute to a better quality of life. How do new assistive technologies have to be designed in order to meet the user’s needs? Which effects do particularly „Smart Home“ and „Smart Service“ components have on everyday behaviour and quality of life?

The WU Research Institute for Economics of Aging coordinated the work package „evaluation“ in the project „ZentrAAL“ during the course of which AAL technologies were tested in the region of Salzburg over a period of 15 months.

In the course of the outcome-oriented evaluation, effects of the ZentrAAL technologies on life of the older people, their relatives and involved professional caregivers were analysed. The focus of the outcome evaluation derived from the aims of the ZentrAAL-technologies and lied on the following outcome dimensions: health related indicators (vital data and movement behaviour) and indicators on quality of life and their various domains.

Both qualitative as well as quantitative research methods were used. The quantitative analysis tested if any positive changes in the outcome dimensions of interest could systematically be linked to the use of technology. The qualitative research approach was meant to generate a deeper understanding of the effects of new assistive technologies on the target group’s everyday life.

Project duration: 1 January 2015 - 31 December 2017

Funded by: FFG within the benefit Programme, FSW (Fonds Soziales Wien) and WU

Project Outcomes: Smartes Betreutes Wohnen: Nutzung, Systemakzeptanz und Wirkungen von „meinZentrAAL“ (Trukeschitz/Schneider/Ring-Dimitriou, Hrsg., 2018)

Team :

Dr Birgit Trukeschitz  – project lead „ZentrAAL-Outcomes“ contact

Siegfried Eisenberg, M.Sc.

Marlene Höllhumer, B.A.

Professor Ulrike Schneider

ZentrAAL – project partners: Salzburg Research (coordination); University of Salzburg; Fachhochschule Kärnten; ilogs mobile software GmbH; Salzburg AG für Energie; Verkehr und Telekom; Salzburg Wohnbau GmbH; Hilfswerk Salzburg