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Structure & Content

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This part of the website gives you an overview of the structure and content of the BBE program.

The program is structured into three phases (1. introductory courses, 2. core courses, 3. specializations and free electives). The first two phases are relatively standardized, but the third phase can be personalized to suit each student’s interests. Please note that the phases may overlap depending on your study progress and planning.

The Bachelor’s Program in Business and Economics (BBE) is a 3-year full-time degree program (6 semesters), comprising 180 ECTS credits. After successful completion of the bachelor’s program, you will be awarded the academic degree Bachelor of Science (WU), abbreviated as BSc (WU).

Over the course of the program, you will learn about current global challenges in business and economics and acquire the skills and knowledge needed to deal with them. During your studies, you will also learn about theoretical models as well as applications in real-world business situations. You will have the opportunity to custom-tailor your studies by taking specializations and free electives of your choice.

The three phases of the program (6 semesters)

Phase 1 (introductory courses) of the bachelor’s program deals with current topics in global business and economics. You will learn how to assess contemporary economic, social, and environmental problems from an interdisciplinary perspective.

In phase 2 (core courses), you will gain fundamental knowledge in business, economics, data analysis, analytical thinking, and academic writing. Additionally, you will enhance your communication, teamwork, and social skills.

Phase 3: Our goal is to help you create your own unique profile, and to do that we offer you a variety of specializations and free electives in phase 3 of the bachelor’s program. If you want to go the extra mile, you can go on a semester abroad (semester 5 or 6) at one of our partner universities or take a study-related internship (in the summer between semesters 2 and 3 or semesters 4 and 5) in a company and country of your choice to complement your studies.

We strongly recommend to additionally read the BBE curriculum.

You can find the syllabi of all courses in WU’s online course catalog (eVVZ).

We strongly recommend to comply with the suggested structure of core courses because courses build up on each other and places are strictly limited. If you register for a year 2 course but you are a year 1 student, you may be de-registered.

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