[Translate to English:] Institute for Accounting & Auditing

Structure and Contents

The SBWL International Accounting & Controlling is held in the examination mode A (all course held as PIs (prüfungsimmanente Lehrveranstaltungen), i.e. they involve continuous assessment of student performance and require therefore mandatory attendance).

The SBWL consists of 5 courses in total (each 2 semester hours/week, 4 ECTS).


The SBWL Course I is the basics course. A successful completion of this course is necessary in order to register for the further courses.

The minimum duration of this SBWL is 2 semesters. The final grade from the SBWL will be calculated after the completion of all courses.

The offered courses in a particular semester are based on the following recommended study plan:

Considering the international context of the SBWL the language of the basic literature as well as of the lectures is generally English. However, some exceptional courses can be offered in German.