Institute for Accounting & Auditing


The Institute for Accounting & Auditing organizes an Accounting Research Seminar each semester. At the seminar researchers from the disciplines of Accounting, Auditing, Business Taxation and Controlling present their current research papers that are discussed afterwards.

Accounting Research Seminar

Summer term 2021

18.03.202116:30-18:00ZoomProf. Jack Stecher
(University of Alberta)
20.05.202115:00-16:30ZoomBradley Hendricks
(University of North Carolina)
10.06.202117:00-18:30ZoomTerrence Blackburne
(Oregon State University)
17.06.202110:00-11:30ZoomProf. Dr. Francesco Reggiani
(University of Zurich)
24.06.202110:00-11:30ZoomProf. Dr. Markus Diller
(Universität Passau)