Applying for E&I

Places for the E&I specialization (E&I SBWL) are both limited and in high demand, so unfortunately not every student who applies will be accepted to the program. We select students who show the best fit for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation specialization since this allows us to guarantee them an optimal study environment.

Students need to apply to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation specialization. Once a student is accepted, our entire course catalog is accessible and there are no further hurdles to clear or prerequisites to meet (except for courses that are prerequisites for more advanced courses).

The general admission requirements from your curriculum are the prerequisites for getting into the E&I specialization (E&I SBWL).

As agreed with the Vice-Rector for Academic Programs and Student Affairs, the E&I specialization program (E&I SBWL) accepts 90 bachelor’s students per semester using a selection process designed with input from WU’s Student’s Union (ÖH). Students are selected based on grade point average (weighted GPA from STEOP and CBK/ BBE: Introductory and Core Courses) and application documents (E&I Skills Fit). Combining these two criteria gives us a well-rounded picture of prospective students, as grades show a commitment to learning and the E&I Skills Fit identifies extra-curricular entrepreneurial interests and skills.

The two criteria are weighted as follows:

  • If your grade point average at the time of application puts you in the top 1% (Ranking: only grades) of your cohort, you can shorten the application process. Just use the regular online application form (link below) to send us a confirmation and you will automatically be accepted. Please remember to register for the “Access to Specialization in B.A.: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Specialization” course.

  • If you rank in the top 5% (Ranking: only grades) of your cohort, your GPA accounts for 80%, and the skills and application question account for 20% of your application.

  • 20 spots are reserved for applicants with exceptional entrepreneurial skills who are accepted to the program regardless of GPA.

  • For all other applicants, GPA and skills and application questions are weighted equally.

  • You have a passion for entrepreneurship and/or innovation but neither your grades nor your entrepreneurial achievements are competitive yet? This is your chance: Each semester, we accept two students in the SBWL just on the basis of a random draw. We know that sometimes the best entrepreneurs are late-movers or fail to meet our screening criteria. Thus, we want to give them the chance to develop their entrepreneurial potential within our specialization. After all, beyond inspiration, knowledge, and skills, entrepreneurs needs also luck for their success. For being eligible, you just have to register via LPIS (no application and no grades are necessary).


For further information see our online guide for applying to the E&I specialization (E&I SBWL) that tells you everything you need to know.

Not sure if the E&I specialisation (E&I SBWL) is right for you? With the E&I Self-Assessment you can find out whether the our specialisation fits your interests and needs.

Still have questions?

Here you can find your answers:

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