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The advantages of the E&I specialization

The E&I specialization (E&I SBWL) covers a wide range of topics and offers students a number of advantages. E&I students enjoy many opportunities to expand their knowledge and experience in a variety of functional areas, by receiving a solid foundation for a career in companies of any shape and form, from a start-up or consultancy to international corporation.

This page provides an overview of the benefits students received in the past due to taking part in the E&I specialization (E&I SBWL). Every semester we ask our students for feedback to help us assess and improve the program. According to our students, the following factors make our specialization unique:  

  • Practical innovation projects and the opportunity to network with renowned companies and institutions

  • Innovative teaching concepts that cover cuttingedge topics and broad, practice-oriented content

  • Input on how to manage innovation, entrepreneurial development and business growth

  • Networking with other people interested in founding a business

How our students perceive the E&I specialization (E&I SBWL)

High-quality teaching is very important to us. We, therefore, regularly run surveys on the satisfaction of our students. We ask for feedback on three categories: firstly, we ask students to rate the individual courses at regular intervals. Secondly, we assess the satisfaction with the entire specialization. Thirdly, we want to make sure our students perceive the examination process as fair. 

This is how students rated their satisfaction with the specialization (anonymous and completely private survey, n= 98, averages shown):

The following video and the subsequent quotes show what makes E&I unique on a more individual level:

Video What makes the E&I specialization unique?

What makes the E&I specialization…

What makes the specialization E&I…

“I have not only learned a lot for both my personal and professional life, but I have also made many friends who have the same passion for entrepreneurship.”

Wolfgang Rohrbacher

"Thanks to all the projects, you can add a lot of experience in working with well-known firms to your CV once you have completed the specialization. This is an enormous advantage when applying for jobs.”

Sina Gallist

“The E&I specialization offers a greater sense of community and a joy in learning and working than any other specialization. The workload is not light, but you tackle it with other students also doing really exceptional work.”

Georg Weber