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The structure of E&I

We offer our specialization in examination mode A of the bachelor’s program. According to this examination mode, five courses granting 4 credits (ECTS) each have to be completed. These courses can be divided into the blocks “Knowledge” (Core Lecture 1 & 2) and “Application & Networking” (E&I Zone, Project 1 & 2) for E&I (see illustration). There is a mandatory sequence for the courses: Registration for the courses 2 to 5 (Core Lecture 2, E&I Zone, Project 1&2) can only take place after registering for course 1 (Core Lecture 1).

SBWL Courses

We offer a strategically diversified portfolio of project courses that teach different skills, so students can choose from a number of options for courses 3 through 5 to ensure the perfect fit.

Please note that students must successfully complete course 4 before enrolling in course 5, which means that it is not possible to take two projects courses at the same time.

Students can complete the Entrepreneurship & Innovation specialization in a minimum of two semesters, or take three or more semesters if they prefer. We encourage our students to set their own pace. Two possible paths are shown below, one for completing the E&I specialization in two semesters and one in three semesters.

Completing the SBWL in two semesters

Example: Completing E&I in two semesters

Completing the SBWL in three semesters

Example: Completing E&I in three semesters

For more information on the individual courses, please consult Learn@wu and the electronic course catalog (eVVZ).