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Bachelor Specialization: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation offers one of the most renowned and popular specializations for bachelor students at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Graduates from our specialization work in a variety of industries and professions. Our 4,000+ alumni enjoy exciting and prestigious careers ranging from top managers in large corporations and business consultants to innovation managers and start-up founders.

The success of our alumni largely results from the unique education they received as part of the E&I specialization, which stands out from other specializations due to the following four points:

  • Lecturers apply an awardwinning problem-based learning approach with state-of-the-art content

  • Application-oriented education – around 30 real-world projects in cooperation with start-ups and large corporations each semester

  • Powerful network – More than 200 global partners from research and the private sector, incl. BCG, strategy&, Bain, and many more, involved in our curriculum each semester

  • Close collaboration with the startup ecosystem, offering impulses from and exchange with experts and like-minded people

The E&I specialization (E&I SBWL) is an English-language program. For students, this means that most of the courses will be taught in English.
Video What is E&I about?

What is E&I about?

What is E&I about?