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E&I Culture and Contracting

We strive to provide you with an outstanding, top-quality course of study. One indicator of this is that the E&I Institute has already received more than ten WU awards for innovative and excellent teaching.

As an E&I student, you are seen and treated as part of the E&I Institute. Students are our partners. We are interested in your opinions, constructive suggestions for improvement, suggestions, feedback and commitment.

E&I Culture – What do we offer our students?

  • Great emphasis is placed on the combination of theory and practice in all of our courses. As part of your studies in the SBWL E&I, interactivity runs as a common thread through all courses.

  • As part of the practical projects, we give you, as E&I students, a high level of responsibility, especially towards our project partners.

  • The targeted training of skills (selling, negotiating, presenting) is an important part of your training at our institute. Since these skills are among the key assets of entrepreneurs, you will receive support and training in our courses.

  • We also offer you a strong network and direct contact with practitioners, project partners and researchers. Networking with colleagues and institute staff also plays an important role.

  • In general, the Open Door Policy is implemented at the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. This means you can also come to the institute outside of the institute's normal opening hours. We always strive to be quick and easy to reach and approach for you. However, to save you unnecessary journeys, we recommend making an appointment with the assistants in advance.

  • Our training offers very good career opportunities, such as business takeover and succession, MBO, various activities in the start-up environment such as venture capital analysis, innovation management, management consulting, strategy consulting, product management, or even starting your own business.

E&I Contracting – What do we expect from our students?

In order to be able to offer this quality to students, it is necessary that some basic rules are observed when dealing with each other and with us. E&I Contracting was developed specifically for your studies. These are intended to give you an understanding of the institute's culture and the associated code of conduct.

The following code of conduct serves to ensure fairness towards your fellow students and the E&I team and aims to create a constructive working atmosphere:

  • As an E&I student, you have a high level of commitment, an above-average performance orientation and are not afraid of putting in a lot of work and time. The demands on you are high. At our institute you will have to invest an above-average amount of time and work in all courses, you should be aware of this.

  • Registering for courses in the SBWL Entrepreneurship & Innovation is seen as a clear commitment on your part. Therefore, subsequently deregistering from courses will not be tolerated. Please decide whether you will actually take part before registering for the course so that you do not take away any course places from your fellow students.

  • Attendance is compulsory in many courses. The applicable course policy will be agreed upon in the preliminary discussions. In principle, compulsory attendance means accepting excused absences twice. Unexcused absences from course units will not be tolerated as reliability is a high priority at the E&I Institute.

  • Punctuality is a given in all E&I courses. As an E&I student, you represent the institute to the outside world and we therefore appeal to your reliability. We assume that you will live up to the responsibility.

  • We also require entrepreneurial activity during your studies. We expect proactivity from our students. In general, E&I students follow the motto “Start, don’t wait.” This also means, for example, that you actively request feedback from the E&I team and also accept the open door policy offered.

  • As an E&I student, you have a high sense of responsibility and take personal responsibility for your actions.

  • During your training at the E&I Institute, you will complete numerous group work. Here we expect your team spirit and fairness towards everyone involved. This includes adhering to agreements and deadlines as well as objectivity in collaboration and various discussions.

  • All information from practical projects and from various project partners is subject to confidentiality. We ask you to handle ideas and information responsibly. In addition, in some E&I courses, confidentiality agreements are also signed by the students. External communication only takes place in coordination with the project partners and the institute.

  • A professional and respectful appearance towards fellow students, the institute team, project partners and coaches is absolutely necessary for your studies at the E&I Institute. You are always asked to question all points, but do so in a respectful tone. Please always present your criticism constructively, which means including suggestions for improvement. Your behavior is crucial for further projects. Your professional behavior is therefore assumed.