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Negotiate for a change

Negotiate for a change

'The art of communication is the language of leadership' James Humes

We will introduce you to the world of negotiations. The goal of this workshop is to give you a glimpse of what communicating effectively can mean to you, to your relationships, and to the world.  We will get you closer to the things you want and build relationships that will matter through effective communication. 

This falls into the mission of the EU solidarity project 'Negotiate for a Change' - to give people in our society a voice and empower our young change-makers to achieve change and progress through effective communication or as we look at negotiating for change with empathy. 

Goals and Learnings 

  • Understand what negotiation is all about

  • An awareness that you can communicate for a change with empathy 

  • Harvard Interest-based Negotiation principles 

  • Harvard Negotiation toolkit  

  • Hands-on experience with negotiations and understanding feedback


  • Introduction

  • Case 1

  • Myths about Negotiation (The Harvard Negotiation Principles)

  • Case 2

  • Harvard negotiation Tool Kit

  • Case 3

  • Feedback and Questions

Date & Location

  • 22.05.2024 from 14:00 - 18:00

  • at WU Gründungszentrum

Additional Information

  • The workshop will be held in English


Apply and register via the link below



Stanish Gunasekaran (Negotiatie for a change)

Stanish is an entrepreneur and innovation Manager at Bosch. He is a trained young negotiator from the Vienna Negotiation School and has a lifelong passion for communication and leadership. He runs an EU project 'Negotiate for a change' project to bring Negotiation skills to young change-makers to have a positive impact on society. He is an Austrian Startups Leadership Program fellow and is currently building an AI-driven Negotiation consultant to empower people in companies with negotiation skills. During his free time, he loves to write, dance tango, and travel to learn more about cultures. His mission is to impact effective communication. LinkedIn

Stanish Gunasekaran
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