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AI Skills

AI Skills

You want to experience the fascinating world of artificial intelligence (AI) up close and understand how it can improve your professional and entrepreneurial potential?

About this Workshop 

We will prioritise topics that are data-focused based on the Lumos logo, indicating a stronger emphasis on the quantitative analysis and interpretation. Our aim is to make these topics accessible to all, while also providing a significant challenge for experienced students. This approach ensures that the content is both engaging and intellectually stimulating, catering to a diverse range of learners.


This workshop will cover three main topics. Prior to the session, participants will be asked to indicate their primary interest among these topics. The workshop agenda will then be tailored to accommodate the preferences of the attendees.

First Option: Generative AI

  • Surfing the trend - business opportunities using OpenAI’s API: OpenAI’s API (Application Programming Interface) is a cloud-based platform that provides developers with access to state-of-the-art machine learning models developed by OpenAI. We will introduce a wide range of applications, such as text classification, language processing, sentiment analysis.

  • Practical application of AI: We will show you practical applications of this API, both for day-to-day work, financial modelling, or marketing. We will also introduce you how Lumos used OpenAI’s API for a Web scrapping project we did with one of our partners.

  • Introducing AI in working pipeline - Virtuous examples from the Market: Learn how generative AI effectively increases efficiency in the working environment and improves all stakeholders. We’ll show case studies where AI was integrated in companies’ working pipeline, and how to optimize your performance.

Second Option: Synthetic data

  • Looking two steps ahead - EU Data Privacy Regulation: The EU is frontrunner regarding data privacy, and especially with the General Data Protection Regulation. Data can still be managed by the customers that provide consensus, but soon this will be harder. Financial Institutions such as Erste Bank embraced this data generation to push innovation and identify patterns from the vast amount of customer data they hold.

  • Practical applications: In this workshop, we will introduce how data can be anonymised, and what is becoming mainstream: Synthetic Data.

  • Data-driven business - the new frontier: Data Engineering should be at the base of every business, as it drives to a better understanding of customers, improve products and services, and improve management of existing data. We will discuss which are the general data engineering and data analyst necessary steps for companies.

Third Option: Natural Language Processing

  • Natural Language Processing – How does it work: Natural Language processing (NLP) is a combination of computational linguistics and machine learning. One common application of NLP are the ever more present chatbots, which try to make our life easier and more efficient.

  • NLP Applications: In this workshop we would delve into the theoretical aspects of how NLP works and conclude with a practical example to see whether the theory holds in practice.

  • Enhancing customers’ Feedback: We will explore how to integrate NLP in your business pipeline, focusing on how to analyse unstructured data such as social media comments and review. It could be a powerful tool to gain deeper understanding of customers’ preferences and enhancing marketing and sales strategies.

Place & Time

  • When: 22.05.2024 von 9:00 - 13:00

  • Where: im WU Gründungszentrum

Additional Information

Participants of the workshop would be required to bring their laptops or tablets with chargers to get the most out of the workshop!

This Workshop will be held in English.


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