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The Institute for Business Education offers a large number of courses, making it a major contributor to WU's academic programs. The Institute is actively involved in teaching at all three levels, i.e. in the bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs.

Bachelor's programs

The course Accounting & Management Control I provides all students in the introductory phase with basic accounting skills. In the field of social skills, the Institute offers workshops and one compulsory course. Topics include an introduction to communication, transaction analysis, conflict management, methods of mediation, presentation and negotiation, body language and intercultural communication.

In addition to courses in the field of Fundamentals in Research, the Institute for Business Education also offers a specialization (SBWL) in business teaching. This SBWL, worth 20 ECTS credits, covers basic continuing education management, PCK methods, new media in the business classroom and teaching and learning methods.

Master’s program

The Master's Program in Business Education has been offered at WU since the fall of 2007, making WU a pioneer in this field. As in all of the Institute's programs, the principles of polyvalence and professionalism apply to the master's program as well. Polyvalence means that graduates of the Business Education program have the necessary skills for various positions in business and administration (e.g. corporate training, consulting) in addition to their teaching qualifications.

To ensure a solid foundation in business administration, students who want to enroll in the Master's Program in Business Education at WU must have a bachelor's degree in economic and social sciences or a comparable degree.

Doctoral program

Currently, approximately 20 doctoral projects are in progress at the Institute for Business Education. Numerous courses are available for both the old curriculum (4 semesters in duration) and the new curriculum (6 semesters), including research seminars and theory courses relevant to dissertation topics.