The research conducted at the Institute for Business Education covers a wide spectrum of various research topics and approaches. Faculty members work in different fields ranging from design research approaches in the tradition of behavioral research in education studies, to theory-based questions in teaching psychology supplemented by traditional experimental, empirical research, to comprehensive evaluation and teaching research using quantitative and qualitative research designs. The result is a wide spectrum of various research topics and approaches.

1. Designing, evaluating and implementing innovations in the business school system - pilot project research

2. Analysis affecting pupils' evaluation of teachers at secondary-level business schools

3. Basic learning theory research

4. Teacher training research and methodological research

5. Academic teaching

Activities include the development of creative new eLearning materials for teaching accounting, as well as the design and implementation of eLearning modules for practice and feedback, and an analysis of the range and limits of professional eLearning materials as compared to classroom teaching.

6. Vocational education in Austria

The future development of Austria's business vocational education at the upper secondary level is one of the main focal points of the Institute's research activities. Harmonization with other European systems presents myriad challenges as well as opportunities for study and research.

7. International education cooperation and research