Competence Center for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility (STaR)

Module ZuWi

The module Zukunftsfähiges Wirtschaften (Sustainable Economics and Business) is offered by the Department of Socioeconomics and consists of three courses. “Sustainable Economics and Business 1” is part of the bachelor’s program in Business, Economics and Social Sciences (WISO). IBW, BW, and WINF students additionally take “Sustainable Economics and Business 2” (ZuWi 2). Business Law (WIRE) students attend “Law and Sustainability” (ZuWi für JuristInnen). For more information, follow the links below [some links are only in German].

In May 2020, the ZuWi II program at WU initiated an award for the best undergraduate thesis on social and/or environmental sustainability issues. Read more on the ZuWi II program's website [in German].

Do you have questions regarding ZUWI II and ZUWI II? Please contact the tutors directly!