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Polina Lobanova

Polina Lobanova

Polina Lobanova

eLearning Assistant

Where to find me?

Building D4 (Entrance B)
Room D4.2.232

Attention: Public access to the Institute is only available through the Department of Socioeconomics front office in Building D4, Level 3.

About me

Polina Lobanova works as an eLearning-Assistant at the Institute for International Political Economy at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. She specialises in creating digital teaching and learning scenarios and manages the social media channels for the "Sustainable Economics" course series. As part of the reform of the university's largest Bachelor's programme, the Bachelor's degree in Business, Economics and Social Sciences, the course series was fully redesigned.

Polina is currently a student in the Bachelor's programme in Business Informatics at WU and plans to enrol in a Master's programme afterwards. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, running and reading classic literature.