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IPE@WU Analysis

Podcasts by our IPE students on selected puzzles

How does international political economy contribute to a better understanding of what is going on around us? Tune into the podcasts by our students that ask thought-provoking questions and evaluate possible answers.

Why does Microsoft allow its employees to unionise but Amazon does not?

Why is the Republican Party against "Obamacare", even if most of its voters are in favour?

Why is the difference between women's and men's pensions so large in Germany but comparatively small in Denmark?

Why do the majority of fathers in Austria not go on paternity leave - but in Finland they do?

Why did Australia implement major banking reforms after their crises in the early 1990s, but Japan did not?

Why did Switzerland abandon its fixed exchange rate in 2015 while Bulgaria continued to maintain it?

Why do Brunei, Fiji, and Kuwait decide to position themselves at three different corners of the Mundell-Fleming-Trilemma?

Why did Putin approve special payments for civil servants before the 2021 parliamentary elections but not before the 2016 parliamentary elections?

Why was there the political will to implement an electoral reform in Japan in 1994 but not in the years before?