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Univ.-Prof. Jonas Bunte, Ph.D.

Univ.Prof. Jonas Bunte, Ph.D.

Univ.Prof. Jonas Bunte Ph.D.

Where to find me?

Building D4 (Entrance B)
Room D4.2.262

Attention: Public access to the Institute is only available through the Department of Socioeconomics front office in Building D4, Level 3.

About me

Jonas B. Bunte is a professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and head of the Institute for International Political Economy. He received his PhD from the University of Minnesota and also holds degrees from the London School of Economics and the University of Bayreuth. Prior to joining the Vienna University of Economics and Business, he was an Associate Professor of International Political Economy at the University of Texas at Dallas. His research and teaching focus on the politics of money and, in particular, how politics affects finance, debt, trade, and investment. His work has won several awards.

His 2020 book, "Raise the Debt", won the Best Book Award from the IPE section of the International Studies Association (ISA). It also won the Best Book Award from the International Political Economy Society (IPES) in 2021. For his teaching, he has received awards for excellence in teaching at the faculty, university, and state levels. In 2020, he was awarded the "Regents Outstanding Teaching Award" for outstanding teaching achievement in the association of the 14 public universities in the state of Texas.


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Find detailed information about Prof. Bunte's publications and research activities:

Jonas Bunte at WU Research

Book (monograph)

2019 Bunte, Jonas. 2019. Raise the Debt. Read more

Chapter in edited volume

2009 Bunte, Jonas. 2009. Bühne frei für neue Kreditgeber: Chinas Engagement in Afrika In: Schuldenreport 2009. Hrsg. - Entwicklung braucht Entschuldung e.V.; Kindernothilfe e.V. Read more
2008 Bunte, Jonas. 2008. The idea of sustainability: Four concepts In: To repay or to develop?. Hrsg. EURODAD European Network on Debt and Development. Read more
2007 Bunte, Jonas. 2007. Schwache können weniger tragen als Starke In: Schulden müssen tragbar sein - Handbuch Schuldentragfähigkeit. Hrsg. - Entwicklung braucht Entschuldung e.V. Read more

Journal article

2023 Ratliff Santoro, Lauren, Bunte, Jonas. 2023. What Did You Get? Peers, Information, and Student Exam Performance. Read more
2021 Gray, Thomas, Bunte, Jonas. 2021. The Effect of Grades on Student Performance: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment. Read more
2021 Bunte, Jonas, Gerz, Geoffrey, Zeitz, Alexandra O. 2021. Cascading Noncompliance: Why the Export Credit Regime is Unraveling. Read more
2020 Kinne, Brandon J., Bunte, Jonas. 2020. Guns or Money? Defense Co-operation and Bilateral Lending as Coevolving Networks. Read more
2019 Bunte, Jonas, Connell, Nadine M., Powell, Zachary A. 2019. War Abroad and Homicides at Home: Evidence from the United States. Read more
2019 Bunte, Jonas. 2019. Why Do Students Enroll in Political Science Classes?. Read more
2018 Bunte, Jonas. 2018. Sovereign lending after debt relief. Read more
2018 Bunte, Jonas, Desai, Harsh, Gbala, Kanio, Parks, Bradley, Miller Runfola, Daniel. 2018. Natural resource sector FDI, government policy, and economic growth: Quasi-experimental evidence from Liberia. Read more
2018 Kim, Alisha A., Bunte, Jonas. 2018. Demand for different types of public goods: evidence from Nigeria. Read more
2017 Bunte, Jonas, Kim, Alisha A. 2017. Citizens’ Preferences and the Portfolio of Public Goods: Evidence from Nigeria. Read more
2016 Bunte, Jonas. 2016. Wage Bargaining, Inequality, and the Dutch Disease. Read more
2016 Bunte, Jonas, Vinson, Laura Thaut. 2016. Local power-sharing institutions and interreligious violence in Nigeria. Read more

Working Paper/Preprint

2004 Bunte, Jonas, Gloede, Oliver, Trautfetter, Christoph. 2004. The BOTOS-Approach. An Alternative Approach for Calculating and Achieving a Sustainable Debt Level of HIPC-Countries. Read more

Third-party funded projects

Selling sovereignty

Natural resources in Liberia