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Study branch Economy - Environment - Politics (WUPOL): Presentation of the politics section

In the following short video (available in German) we explain the role of politics in the new study branch WUPOL of the Bachelor's programme Business, Economics and Social Sciences at WU Vienna. The Institute for International Political Economy will be particularly active in teaching the specialisation "Politics and Money".

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Mission statement on teaching

Since January 2023, the team of the Institute for International Political Economy has been working in weekly meetings on the elaboration of a progressive mission statement for teaching at the Institute. The following principle has emerged in this regard:

Through a focus on scientific analysis, the Institute for International Political Economy aims toequip students with the necessary tools to become informed individuals who can capably navigate and contribute to society. We at the Institute believe that learning should not be top-down but a collaborative interaction between instructors and students. Therefore, our mission isto empower students to make sense of the world. Our courses focus on analyzing currentproblems through interactive exercises with instructors and students as partners. Furthermore,our classes will develop students' abilities to connect facts and theory to construct and test new explanations necessary to explain a constantly changing world.