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Zack Zimbalist, Ph.D.

Where to find me?

Building D4 (Entrance B)
Zimmer D4.2.234

Attention: Public access to the Institute is only available through the Department of Socioeconomics front office in Building D4, Level 3.

About me

Zack Zimbalist is a teaching and research assistant (post-doc) at the Institute for International Political Economy at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. He holds a PhD from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and degrees from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa and the University of California, San Diego. Prior to joining the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Zack was a professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the Monterrey Institute of Technological and Advanced Studies (Tecnológico de Monterrey) in Mexico.

Zack's research and teaching focuses on economic development, governance, political behaviour and public opinion in developing democracies. He has published articles on these topics in various renowned journals, including Review of International Political Economy, Democratization and International Journal of Public Opinion.

Outside of work, he enjoys running, playing football and dancing.


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Teaching in the summer semester 2024


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Journal article

2023 Zimbalist, Zack, Asprón Ramírez, Jorge Antonio. 2023. Teaching and researching International Development: Amplifying voices from the Global South. Read more
2022 Kahn, Theodore, Zimbalist, Zack. 2022. How Do Local Public Spending Decisions Shape Corruption Perceptions? Evidence from Mexico. Read more
2022 Zimbalist, Zack. 2022. Bystanders and response bias in face-to-face surveys in Africa. Read more
2022 Kahn, Theodore, Zimbalist, Zack. 2022. Public investment versus government consumption: how FDI shocks shape the composition of subnational spending in Mexico. Read more
2022 Zimbalist, Zack. 2022. How electoral competition shapes local public goods provision in South Africa. Read more
2021 Zimbalist, Zack. 2021. Explaining Variation in Levels of Public (Dis)trustin Traditional Leaders: Colonial Ruling Strategies and Contemporary Roles in Governance. Read more
2020 Zimbalist, Zack. 2020. So many 'Africanists', so few Africans: reshaping our understanding of 'African politics' through greater nuance and amplification of African voices. Read more
2017 Zimbalist, Zack. 2017. "Fear-of-the-State Bias" in Survey Data. Read more
2017 Zimbalist, Zack. 2017. Breaking down rural and urban bias and interrogating spatial inequality, evidence from South Africa. Read more
2017 Zimbalist, Zack. 2017. Analysing post-apartheid poverty trends by geo-type, 1997-2012: The understated role of urbanisation and social grants. Read more

Popular science article

2007 Zimbalist, Zack. 2007. Colombia palm oil biodiesel plantations: A "lose-lose" development strategy?. Read more

Master's thesis

2011 Zimbalist, Zack. 2011. Urban Bias Revisited. Read more