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Specialisation "Politics & Money"

The world we live in is complicated and uncertain. Geopolitical tensions between countries dominate the news. Within countries, populist movements threaten to undermine democracy. What connects all of these issues? Politics and Money!

We need to understand the interaction between politics and money to make sense of the trade war between the US and China, economic sanctions on Russia because of Ukraine, and resistance against Chinese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the EU. Similarly, we must analyze the interplay between politics and money to understand how inequality, automatization, and credit crunches relate to populism and political scandals.

The specialization "Politics & Money" comprises the following four courses:

  1. Politics of Investment

  2. Politics of Banks and Stock Markets

  3. Politics of Trade

  4. Politics of Debt


The four courses of the specialisation help you put all these events in context. We explore how citizens’ voting, firms’ lobbying, and governments' geopolitics shape our world.

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