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IPE@WU Careers

Career opportunities with IPE

Are you studying International Political Economy or are you interested in it - but you don't know what career options are available to you once you graduate? Are you wondering what your day-to-day life in a certain profession might be like? Or would you like to know more about a certain career, but don't know whom to ask?

Well, we would like to support you at this point with our IPE@WU Careers initiative.

One of our goals as an institute is to inform our students about the many possible applications of International Political Economy contents beyond the scope of their university education. IPE@WU Careers offers inspiring insights from interesting practitioners from around the world who work in the field of IPE.

Our students collect questions for our interview partners to find out what careers you can pursue with a degree that combines international economics and politics.

Most recent talk:

Laura Leyser - Managing Director, Doctors without Borders Austria

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Further Talks:

Edith Predorf - Austrian Foreign Trade Center Nairobi