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Act Local, Go Global

“Global Business Planning” is the final seminar in the specialization International Marketing Management (IMM). For the Winter Semester 2020/2021, it was organized by Dr. Elfriede Penz and Matthias Heilbrunner. Ms. Michaela Burda assisted with the organization as a Tutor and also served as a member of the "board of directors". The goal is to translate market entry strategy theory into appropriate strategies and reflect, and assess critically decision and marketing strategies. As a result, business plans for Austrian startups, together with internationalization strategies have been developed and are ready to be implemented. It takes with no surprise that some projects have been realized already or will be in the near future! Because Austria is becoming an increasingly fertile soil for start-ups and entrepreneurs, IMM students looked out especially for these. They selected a product, service or brand and suggested bringing them to a foreign market.

SemesterHere is a short overview of the projects:
WS 2020/21Mühltaler Bier is an Austrian brewery offering hand-brewed beer. The goal of the family run business is to reinterpret old traditions. The company has a solid marketing background and intends to intensify its activities. The “IMM-Globetrotters” (Rozsahegyi Luca, Hasenbichler Nadja, Schweisgut Matthäus-Johannes, Bartha Eric, Alda Raphaela Marcella, Gollackner Tanja) created a market entry strategy to Italy.
 Rebel Meat is a new and innovative bio burger patties producer. Those products consist of a combination of meat and plant-based ingredients. The company is taking advantage of the on-going, worldwide trend towards a healthier diet and generally reduced meat consumption. The group “The Sixpack” (Mayer Sabine, Pinggera Elisabeth Helene, Paviolo Anna Sophie, Kornfehl, Nina Maria, Schwingenschlögl Lina, Flecker Florian) planned a market entry to Italy.
 Neni am Tisch has a product line with a wide range of ready-to-eat, healthy gourmet meals which have the potential to reach many different consumer groups. The Austrian company is already present in various European countries and successfully offering its products in supermarket chains. The team “Concept Squad” (Veider Nadia, Geringer Andrea, Nadjmioleslami Jalda, Achleitner Angela, Tasci Hasan Can, Coman-Miko Mark) created a market entry plan to the Netherlands.
 Areeka is an innovative Austrian company, offering augmented reality tools. The newest product WebAR provides consumers with easily applicable tools to make their own Augmented Reality Website without needing to hire AR web developers. The company already started to expand to German and plans to enter new markets in the near future. The group “IMMcubators” (Szep Dorian Daniel, Gladka Nikol, Marinkovic Dominik, Yaakoub Nada, Arpa Elodie) planned a market entry to France.
 Nägele & Strubbel is an Austrian company, with a long history in the perfume sector. The company stayed a family owned business over the years but adapted its concept to the modern times. The company represents the perfect combination of history and a modern business concept. The team “Natural Skin Power” (Baumann Nina, Krenn Benedikt, Kloiber Nicole, Bruckberger Gianna, Timis Liviu Bogdan) prepared a market entry plan for the Italian market.
 Tommy´s Hot Stuff is an Austrian premium chili sauce producer of highest quality. It is possible to get the chili sauce in gourmet food stores or on the website. The founder won already various prices and championships with his chili sauce. The group “Team_Spicy” (Weingärtner Marlon, Krumm Helena, Ebner Moritz, Todt Franziska, Schmid Melanie) created a market entry strategy to the Spain.
 Vinotaria is an Austrian Start-Up, producing 0,25 l wine bottles and pre-mixed “Spritzer”. The main USP of the company is to focus on small bottles of wine, which could turn out to be a key factor, as wine loses its taste when opened. They sell different kinds of Austrian wine in gift boxes or for a nice dinner/evening for two. The group “Fast and serious” (Riglthaler Lukas, Faltenhansl Julia, Lagler Leonie, Vodosek Julia, Birsel Zeynep) prepared a market entry to Italy.
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