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Act Local, Go Global

“Global Business Planning” is the final seminar in the specialization International Marketing Management (IMM). For the Winter Semester 2019/20, it was organized by Dr. Eva Hofmann. Ms. Michaela Burda assisted with the organization as a Tutor and also served as a member of the "board of directors". The goal is to translate market entry strategy theory into appropriate strategies and reflect, and assess critically decision and marketing strategies. As a result, business plans for Austrian startups, together with internationalization strategies have been developed and are ready to be implemented. It takes with no surprise that some projects have been realized already or will be in the near future! Because Austria is becoming an increasingly fertile soil for start-ups and entrepreneurs, IMM students looked out especially for these. They selected a product, service or brand and suggested bringing them to a foreign market.

SemesterHere is a short overview of the projects:
WS 2019/20Hakuma is a Viennese Start-Up offering bottled matcha and iced tea. All premium products consist of organic and vegan cold teas. Unlike other teas, HAKUMA is not filtered but the leaves are grinded into a powder before combining it with fruit and turning it into HAKUMA tea.  The “A-Team” (Bauer Ferdinand Raffael, Ekelhart Teresa, Flatz Angelina, Purer Andreas, Schauer Martin) created a market entry plan to Sweden.
 ZIRP is an Austrian-based small enterprise, established in 2011 by Christoph Thomann. Their mission is to introduce insects on the European market as a sustainable substitute for meat and teach consumers about their benefits. They strongly believe that insect-based products and meals can be integrated into consumers’ diets, since consuming insects has already been adopted in some other cultures. The “Mark(eting)´s Angels” (Gajic Dulija, Markovic Mia, Scholz Denise, Szabados Adel, Tallai Mark) planned a market entry to Belgium.
 Blinos, an Austrian Start-Up invented a special clamping mechanism for outside blinds, that allows an installation without causing any damage to the existing window frame. It keeps out 90% of the heat without substantially darkening the room. The team “Skittle Salad” (Cetnarowski Susanne, Harrer Kristina, Jelusic Tamara, Karrer Manuel, Muck Beatrix) prepared an expansion plan for the Hungarian market.
 Druckster has created a platform for international companies trying to recruit students. The benefits for its users are not only a variety of job advertisements or information regarding further education but also the printed documents which are bound into a booklet. The team “5 P´s” (Bobik Antonia, Hofer Barbara, Palmetzhofer Sarah, Schreier Franziska Maria, Seyringer Monika Magdalena) decided to plan a market entry to Hungary, more concretely to the area of Budapest.
 Cybershoes was founded in 2015 with the believe that walking is the most fundamental way of how space can be accessed. Therefore, they are producing shoes to walk in in a virtual reality world. The team “GreaTASD” (Aufischer Janine Jasmina, Daxeder Johannes Robert, Spiridonovic Ivana, Terzic Anna) planned a market entry for the Swedish market.
 ROST is a Styrian company producing a sparkling Rosé wine with a hint of apple and the aroma of raspberry and strawberry. Additionally, no sugar is added to the beverage which is a huge plus concerning the health aspect. The “Global Female Marketers” (Cieslar Anna, Grasl Emilia, Pedit Cosima, Rötzer Catharina) prepared a market entry to Holland.
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