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Act Local, Go Global

The final seminar in the specialization of International Marketing Management (IMM) is called "Global Business Planning”. This seminar, which was held during the Winter Semester 2023/24, was organized by Dr. Elfriede Penz and Mag. Matthias Heilbrunner. The main purpose of this seminar was to use market entry theory to develop effective strategies for entering new markets. Additionally, the seminar aimed to carefully evaluate decisions and marketing strategies. As a result, business plans were created for Austrian startups, along with internationalization strategies that are now ready to be implemented. The IMM students specifically focused on identifying a product, service, or brand and devising strategies to introduce them into foreign markets.

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SemesterHere is a short overview of the projects:
WS 2023/24Cabinski is an Austrian startup specializing in offering eco-friendly accommodation through its uniquely designed wooden cabins, nestled in the heart of nature. At present, Cabinski operates exclusively in Vorarlberg, Austria, with a total of two locations, but the company looks for the opportunities to internationalize. The group “MarketMasters” (Mahammad Alizada, Adriana Bonova, Magdalena , Szabo Zsofia Steiner, Anna Dorka Toth) created a franchising strategy for the company to enter Italy.
 Shaped by iB is a Vienna-based fitness startup focusing on High-Intensity Interval Training. Their USP lies in the unique atmosphere coupled with tailored workout sessions led by in-house trained instructors. This combination has led to a constantly growing demand for their classes. The group “Global Minds” (Laurenz Maximilian Krebs, Alexander Gierlinger, Tobias Mathis, Kristian Kovacic, Maximilian Ken Stein) prepared a market entry strategy for the Netherlands, Rotterdam. 
 Destillerie Reif (also known as Neper Destillate) is a young company based in Lower Austria that focuses on crafting innovative spirits under the principle of "quality over quantity," emphasizing the utmost quality and purity. Their diverse portfolio includes vodka, gin, whisky, and more, distinguished by their commitment to high-quality, semi-automatic production in Austria and an organic certification that enhances their value. The group “Brand Builders” ( Sophie Marie Cseri, Nora Essalihi, Samara Reisinger, Lea Salbrechter, Nikol Simeonova) created a strategy to enter France with the company’s flagship product NEPoLUXX . 
 Hobby Lobby is an Austrian non-profit organization founded in 2018 that offers more than 350 free hobby classes to children from financially challenged families, aiming to bridge the gap between privileged and underprivileged kids. With around 10 venues across Austria, it has the capacity to serve over 4,000 young students. The group “International Gurus” (Larissa Petermaier, Amra Kuc, Melanie Kopal, Antonia Jekelfalussy, Amelie Kosmath) worked on the market entry strategy for Hobby Lobby for their expansion to Italy. 
 OMV, an international oil and gas leader based in Vienna, Austria, specializes in exploring, producing, refining, and selling energy products. As a significant step towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, the company is rolling out eMotion Ultra-Fast Chargers in Austria, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary. The group “5 Forces” (Andreas Lettner, Jakob Schlöglmann, Julian Riesel, Kathrin Nömayer, Tom De Staercke) developed a strategy for entering the market in the Czech Republic.
 NUSSY is an Austrian health-conscious brand for snacks, breakfast products and cooking ingredients founded in 2014 by Carina Rahimi-Pirngruber, driven by her own dietary needs. With over 100 food items and a new cosmetic line, the brand commits to sustainable, affordable nutrition, emphasizing responsible sourcing and pure, indulgent flavors. Their USP relies on the five key pillars: all of their products are vegan, organic, palm oil free, lactose free and have no added sugar.
The group “Newhorizon” (Jakub Bartek, Marlene Böhm, Katja Gruber, Sevval Kademoglu, Victoria Kersten, Julian Nöbauer) prepared a market expansion strategy for NUSSYY’s cookies in Sweden.
 Genusskoarl, founded by Karl Severin Traugott in 2016, is a pioneering Austrian company in the production of high-quality condiments. Specializing in organic seasoning sauces, soy sauce, misos, fish sauce, and spice mixes, all sourced locally and crafted through traditional fermentation methods, the company has garnered acclaim in Austria and Germany. Emphasizing environmental sustainability and a distinctive umami taste, the company repeatedly received awards such as "Organic Product of the Year" and "Vegan Product of the Year".  The group “The Six Marketeers” (Sophia de Lijzer, Linda Winkler, Kathrin Erlebach, Tim Björklund, Hannah Brückler, Katrin Wasmayer) created a strategy for Gennusskoarl’s miso paste to enter the Netherlands.
 Frunix, an Austrian company based in Carinthia, specializes in producing vegan, low-fructose, and low-sorbitol products. Founded four years ago, their diverse range now includes over 30 items, from cough drops to vegan honey and garlic oil, aiming to cater to a growing market of individuals diagnosed with dietary fructose intolerance while prioritizing taste, broad customer appeal, and positive health and environmental impact. The group “The Fast and the Curious” (Đorđe Despotović, Michelle Dorner, Lorita Isaki, Luca Joekel, Eva Muxel, Rachelle Tschakoschian) chose Honix (a vegan version of honey) for developing a market entry strategy for the Netherlands. 
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