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Act Local, Go Global

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“Global Business Planning” is the final seminar in the specialization International Marketing Management (IMM). For the Winter Semester 2021/22, it was organized by Dr. Elfriede Penz and Matthias Heilbrunner. Ms. Verena Troppmann  assisted with the organization as a Tutor and also served as a member of the "board of directors". The goal is to translate market entry strategy theory into appropriate strategies, reflect and assess critical decisions and marketing strategies. As a result, business plans for Austrian startups, together with internationalization strategies have been developed and are ready to be implemented. It takes with no surprise that some projects have been realized already or will be in the near future! Because Austria is becoming an increasingly fertile soil for start-ups and entrepreneurs, IMM students looked out especially for these. They selected a product, service or brand and figured out strategies to bring them to a foreign market.

SemesterHere is a short overview of the projects:
WS 2021/22Eddi Bike is a dynamic company with an innovative concept where customers pay a monthly fee to get a bicycle subscription consisting of a bicycle, an app as well as a repair service. Eddi bike promises to its customers that any reparations of bicycles will be performed within 48 hours. The team “Busy bees” (Kianek Klaus Konrad, Kurzmann Hanna, Martinz-Lywood Naomi, Petrescu Horia, Schneider Felicia) prepared a market entry strategy for Italy.
 The Suppito Soup is an Austrian Company founded by Dr. Andrea Scholdan. Scholdan’s passion was to cook according to the 5-elements of the Chinese medicine which led to opening her own manufactory for bottled soups called “Suppito Soup”. Especially appealing is the fact that Suppito uses natural ingredients, is appropriate for every diet and is sustainable. The group “High Five” (Bauer Lisa, Chetverikova Daria, Floria Sabina-Florina, Juricevic Daniela, Mittendorfer Moritz) planned a market entry strategy for the UK.
 Clean Beauty Concept offers essences and oils which are inspired by a thousand-year-old method of traditional Chinese medicine. The USP of the Clean Beauty Concept is that they not only offer beauty products but also rituals, matching tools, and masterclasses. The group “Corporate Queens” (Ammann Janine Chantal, Cetintas Aysenaz, Colloredo-Mansfeld Isabella Nadine Jane, Dimitrova Dennitsa) prepared an online market entry strategy for Spain.
 Revo Foods is an Austrian company founded by Robin Simsa, Theresa Rothenbücher and Manuel Lachmayr that aims to offer a plant-based smoked salmon which is produced using the 3D-printing technology to its customers. By proposing a plant-based solution Revo Foods tackles environmental issues such as of overfishing. The group “Uncharted Vision” (Akyaman Dilara, Jakobi Marc Alex, Orisek Adam, Reznyk Yana, Vogau Eduarda) created a market entry plan to Sweden.
 Blue Circle Coffee focuses on bringing biodegradable, home compostable coffee-capsules to households. The USP is that Blue Circle Coffee offers capsules that can be simply disposed at home, multiple coffee creations and selected, local roasters. The group “GNG3” (Aranyosi Zsolt, Duerr John, Guttmann Edith, Kauth Petra, Kovács Krisztián) created a market entry strategy for France.
 Pedacola produces a product called Pedacola syrup. The basis of the syrup is “Eberraute”, that is grown by organic farmers in the Austrian “Mühlviertel” and together with secret ingredients this completes the taste of the syrup. Pedacola is vegan and does not contain coffeine, dyes, or concentrates, which makes it a natural refreshment. The group “Marketeers” (Bács Csenge, Fehrer Daniel, Osunbor Rita, Schendl Christina, Sulimenko Alina) prepared a Market entry strategy for Belgium.
 Kalea sells a great variety of beer from different countries and offers various products such as gift boxes, monthly beer subscriptions as well as the beer advent calender . The group “The 5 Forces” (Allesch Simon, Lebeth Johanna Maria, Maskaljevic Monika, Mühl Julia, Scholl Hannah) focused on the company’s beer advent calender and planned a market entry strategy for Australia.
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