Act Local, Go Global

“Global Business Planning” is the final seminar in the specialization International Marketing Management (IMM) organized by Dr. Elfriede Penz. The goal is to translate market entry strategy theory into appropriate strategies and reflect, and assess critically decision and marketing strategies. As a result, business plans for Austrian startups, together with internationalization strategies have been developed and are ready to be implemented. It takes with no surprise that some projects have been realized already or will be in the near future! Because Austria is becoming an increasingly fertile soil for start-ups and entrepreneurs, IMM students looked out especially for these. They selected a product, service or brand and suggested bringing them to a foreign market. Among the “board of directors” were Mag. Matthias Heilbrunner (IMM Alumnus) from the Vienna Business Agency and Tutor Michaela Burda from WU Vienna.

SemesterHere is a short overview of the projects:
WS 2018/19Energy cake is an Austrian company selling 20 different flavours of oat flake cereal bars. Focus is set on small, tasty and compact meals, which are available at a decent price. The team “The Global Business Planners” (Angelovski Daniel, Kasperer Lena Johanna, Lackner Paul, Schnakl Fabian, Yoveska Maria, Zeidler Katja Ana) planned a market entry to the Czech Republic.
Ruprechter is a young Austrian company offering three different transparent bags and backpacks. All products are produced with high quality materials. The team ”Blue 2.0” (Baumgartner Lisa-Maria, Hametner Julian Peter, Palatini Amigdalia Sophia, Reinöhl Thomas, Stranger Lukas Peter) created a market entry plan to the US market.
Die Nikolai is an Austrian producer of natural cosmetic, only made of organic ingredients, which are certified according to "Demeter Standards". This cosmetics brand is closely associated with “Nikolaihof”, one of Austria’s oldest wineries. The group “Marketing Gurus” (Artner Mathias, Boller Karoline, Reichl Yvonne, Tomova Kristina, Unterstetter Thomas) drew up a market entry plan to Poland.
Planet Pure is an Austrian enterprise producing 100% biodegradable detergents, using only sustainable and certified organic active substances. Planet Pure is due to the Austria-Bio-Garantie number one worldwide. The team “WUCCI GANG” (Auböck Alexander, Balakina Kateryna, Hobiger Julia, Mladenova Lia, Schulz Yves, Weber Sophie) opted for a market entry into Italy.
Waterdrop is an Austrian Start-Up, founded in 2016. It is producing a healthy addition to water, in the form of small cubes. The main advantage is, that not only flavour is added to water, but also valuable vitamins and plant extracts. The group “Incredibly motivated marketeers” (Ayach Mounir, Barbos Elena, Eder Sabrina, Scholz Christopher, Springer Fanny, Yakinthos Nikolaos) built up a plan for entering the London market.
Refurbed is an Austrian company, offering a platform where second hand electronic devices which have been "refurbed" (completely renewed) are sold. Their only competitor in Europe is the French Company “Back Market” which also exists in Spain. The team “French Connection” (Berger Maria-Elisabeth, Dieber Jürgen, Hamberger Lisa, Kresser Robert Martin, Walherr Paul Sebastian, Wieser Lukas) planned a market entry to Italy.
Bärnstein is an Austrian company producing soft-drinks using natural ingredients infused with green coffee bean extract. The vision of the founders is creating a healthy and refreshing beverage, which contains caffeine and tastes great. The group “The sixth sense” (Breitschopf Benedikt Jakob, Grula Petra, Oberreiter Sebastian Jakob, Saffarnia Danielle, Schrems Elena, Topolanek Stephan Andre) drew up a market entry plan for the Netherlands.
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