Thesis Projects

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Our Topics and Advi­sors

Please take a look at the Scien­tific Fields of Inte­rest on our team pages to find possible topics for thesis projects.

General Infor­ma­tion

Theses can be submitted in English or German.

Please ask your advisor how many copies of the thesis shall be submitted.

Bachelor's Thesis

Within the scope of the current Bachelor program, students need to prepare one thesis (not neces­sa­rily related to any parti­cular course). Prepa­ra­tion time is one semester. All lecturers with at least Doctoral degree can inde­pen­dently super­vise bachelor's theses. Students are asked to directly contact poten­tial super­vi­sors.

Diploma/Master's Thesis

The Master Program speci­fies the prepa­ra­tion of one Diploma/Master's thesis. The thesis topics focus prima­rily on the rese­arch topics of the Insti­tute, however, new topics may be accepted if accom­pa­nied by a written ratio­nale and table of contents. A leaflet for the prepa­ra­tion of Diploma/Master's theses is avail­able at the Front Office.

Students who want to write a rese­arch thesis at the Insti­tute for MIS are highly encou­raged to prepare for this project by reading: “Busi­ness rese­arch - A prac­tical guide for under­gra­duate and post­gra­duate students” by Jill Collis & Roger Hussey, 2003

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