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Ethical IT Innovation

A Value-Based System Design Approach

Ethics in IT Systems Development: The Human Use of Machine Beings stands at the intersection of computer science, philosophy and management and integrates theories and frameworks from all three domains. This book discusses how ubiquitous computing is rapidly changing our private and professional lives. It encourages students of computer ethics, IT professionals, managers and engineers to consider ethical questions in the design of IT systems.

by Sarah Spiekermann

Publisher: Apple Academic Press Inc.

Pages: 283

Language: English

On sale: December 10, 2015

Price: € 84,58

ISBN 978-1482226355

Networks of Control

A Report on Corporate Surveillance, Digital Tracking, Big Data & Privacy

The collection, analysis and utilization of digital information based on our clicks, swipes, likes, purchases, movements, behaviors and interests have become part of everyday life. While individuals become increasingly transparent, companies take control of the recorded data in a non-transparent and unregulated way.

by Wolfie Christl and Sarah Spiekermann

Publisher: Facultas, Vienna

Pages: 165

Language: English

On sale: September 29, 2016

Price: € 19

ISBN 978-3-7089-1473-2