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Digital humanism in practice - How is AI implemented ethically?
How is value-based engineering rolled out with ISO/IEEE 24748-7000?

AI poses enormous challenges for our society. How can our organizations benefit from AI, but at the same time introduce IT systems in a more human-centric, participatory and democratic way than has been the case in the past 20 years? In other words: How can we really build technology FOR humanity? Value-based engineering was standardized in 2022 in the first globally ratified standard for ethical system design (ISO/IEEE 24748-7000). Now this can be the way to realize digital humanism in practice.

We would like to invite you to find out what is happening here in Vienna, in Austria, in organizations that use AI. And how can you become part of this movement yourself? This event will inform you.

Thursday, June 27th 2024, 17:00 – 19:00, D3.0.225, WU Vienna

17:00WelcomeSarah Spiekermann, WU Vienna
17:15Value-based Engineering at the City of ViennaRightmindedAI (CEO Mario Tokarz) & Martin Giesswein
17:30Value-based Engineering for AI at ibis acamMSG Plaut (Svenja Schröder, Florian Wurzer)
17:45Value-based dialogue analysis for the AMS BerufsinformatAschauer IT (CEO Lukas Rohm & Sarah Spiekermann)
18:00Value-based Engineering for Data Hub TirolSophisticated Simplicity GmbH (CEO Sabine Singer)
18:15The new person certification scheme of Austrian StandardsThe “VBE Ambassador” (Peter Jonas, Austrian Standards)
18:30Farewell and announcements 

This event will be held in English.

Please register by 23 June 2024 so that we can reserve your place for you. Participation is free of charge:

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