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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Na Li

I. Publikationen / Publications

  1. Chapter 7 - China Tax Treaty and Policy: Development and Updates (co-authored with Tianlong Hu) in book titled BRICS and the Emergence of International Tax Coordination, edited by Yariv Brauner and Pasquale Pistone and published by IBFD in February 2015, ISBN 9789087223045

  2. BRICS Countries’ Tax Coordination: Seeking for Common Grounds amongst Differences, International Taxation in China (volume 1/2015)

  3. Tax Planning and Tax Administration on Cross-border Income  ---- on the Basis of China’s Present Tax System, co-authored with Mingxing Cao and Hai Yu, published by China Tax Publication in December 2014, ISBN 9787567801110

  4. China’s CFC Regime: Existing Rules and Improvement Suggestions, IBFD International Tax Bulletin (volume 10/ 2014)

  5. Medium and Long Term Trend of Global Tax Development, International Taxation in China (volume 1/2014)

  6. EU VAT Reform on Telecommunication, Broadcast and E-Service, International Taxation in China (volume 2/2014, page 76-78)

  7. EU VAT on Postal Service and Telecommunication Service: What China can learn from EU in the coming VAT reform on postal and telecommunication service, International Taxation in China (volume 2/2013, page 12-16)

  8. Development and Issues of EU Financial Transaction Tax, International Taxation in China (volume 1/2013, page 72-75)

  9. General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAARs) - A Key Element of Tax Systems in the Post-BEPS Tax World? – Rust Conference 2014: China National report , co-authored with Mingxing Cao (forthcoming in 2015)

  10. Trends and Players in Tax Policy – Rust Conference 2013: China National Report, co-authored with Kang JIA (forthcoming in 2015)

  11. Europe-Hong Kong Tax Treaties, co-authored with Oliver-Christoph Günthe, Ina Kerschner and Marion Stiastny (forthcoming in 2015)


II. Vorträge / Lectures

  1. Lecture at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia for the course of Chinese taxation in June and July 2015.

  2. Lecture at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) in Vienna, Austria for the course of Introduction to Tax Treaty Law in March 2015.

  3. Lecture at the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law and the Research Institute for European and International Tax Law present in Vienna, Austria for the course of the Practice of Double Tax Treaties in Case Studies in January 2015

  4. Guest Lecturer at Zhejiang University Law School in Hangzhou, China at its first Academic Seminar of Economic Law Department in 2015 for the topic of Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action and its Implication for China in January 2015

  5. Guest lecturer at Xiamen University in Xiamen, China for the topics of OECD Model Convention, transfer pricing and beneficial ownership in June 2014

  6. Guest lecturer at Fudan University in Shanghai, China for the topic of international taxation in May 2014

  7. Guest lecture at the University of Hong Kong for the topic of China General Anti-Avoidance Rule in March 2014

  8. Guest lecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for the topic of Hong Kong – Mainland China Tax Arrangement and its Interaction with China Anti-Avoidance Rules in March 2014

  9. Guest lecture at the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing, China for the topic of the OECD Model Convention course and the Recent Development of EU Tax Policy in October 2013.