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Our focus is on the human being as consumer. Curiosity, reflection and respect guide all our actions.

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We are hiring: open position at Assistant Professor level!

You care about consumer research from both a company and societal perspective? You want to satisfy your intellectual curiosity and deepen your research skills while developing your teaching…

Monika Koller at the LLC presenting MCORE's specialization

SBWL Messe

Monika Koller presented our SBWL at ÖH’s SBWL-Messe. We are already looking forward to your applications for the winter semester 2023/24. Further information about our specialization can be found on…

Eva Ascarza standing in front of class

Marketing Research Seminar Series - Eva Ascarza

For some time now, we had been eagerly awaiting a research talk from Eva Ascarza, the Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School, who finally…

Marketing Insights - Praxisdialog und Videos
Die Vortragsreihe "Marketing Insights - Praxisdialog" und unsere Interviewreihe „Marketing Insights Videos“ bieten Wissen von und im Dialog mit der Praxis.
Im Fokus - mitmachen und nachlesen
Unsere Forschungsreihe "Im Fokus" geht kurz und bündig aktuellen Fragen auf den Grund. Wie denken Sie über Themen? Wie denken andere? Machen Sie mit, finden Sie es heraus und lesen Sie nach.
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