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Our focus is on the human being as consumer. Curiosity, reflection and respect guide all our actions.

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Julia Pernt speaking in class

Marketing Insights - Julia Pernt from Winkelbauer

This week we had Julia Pernt, Senior Brand Manager at Winkelbauer, as a guest in our Marketing Insights course. Based upon insights on the brand Wild Bill, we discussed elements of a social media…

Im Fokus

"Im Fokus" - join in and get new insights

Our monthly research series "Im Fokus" explores recent questions relevant for research and practice. Learn interesting facts about the origin of food here and take part in our currently running…

a picture taken during Caritas' presentation showing students, the lecturer and one of the slides

Marketing and Society Interface

In their course „Marketing and Society Interface” in the MSc Marketing program, Monika Koller and Eva Marckhgott cover various touchpoints between companies and society. In last week’s sessions, they…

Marketing Insights - Praxisdialog und Videos
Die Vortragsreihe "Marketing Insights - Praxisdialog" und unsere Interviewreihe „Marketing Insights Videos“ bieten Wissen von und im Dialog mit der Praxis.
Im Fokus - mitmachen und nachlesen
Unsere Forschungsreihe "Im Fokus" geht kurz und bündig aktuellen Fragen auf den Grund. Wie denken Sie über Themen? Wie denken andere? Machen Sie mit, finden Sie es heraus und lesen Sie nach.
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